What's Happening at Louisville?

List of 10 news stories.

  • AP Biology Students Transform E. Coli Cells

    Mr. Cardella's AP Biology students genetically transformed E. coli bacterial cells in the lab. How did they do it? He explains, "We isolated a gene that is normally in sea jellies, which allows them to glow green when they absorb UV light. We inserted a plasmid with this particular gene (known as “pGLO”) into the bacterial plates along with the appropriate transcription factor (a unique sugar called “arabinose”) and the bacteria were successfully transformed so that they also glow green with UV exposure! The plasmid also allowed them to be resistant to the antibiotic ampicillin. Don’t worry though, this lab is completely safe for students to do. Safe…and fun!"
  • Focus Program Tours CSUN Theater Arts

    Our cohort of Arts students - aspiring stage actors, singers, dancers and visual artists - spent a day at CSUN exploring the undergraduate Theater  program and sitting in on a dress rehearsal of the Tony-winning musical 1776. We first met with Dr. Anthony Cantrell, Director of the Soraya Theater. Dr. Cantrell kindly arranged a tour of the university facilities and provided us time to chat with Stage Manager Matthew Jackson. Two insightful students enthusiastically shared about what it's like to study Theater as a college major. Their passion was very apparent and they clearly enjoy not only what they are studying, but their working relationships with their teachers and peers. After lunch we were seated front row in the Soraya Theater to watch a full dress rehearsal of the inspiring musical 1776, performed by the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts. Overall the day at CSUN and the Soraya gave students a good look inside the world of a theater major and working stage performers.
  • Exchange Day!

    By Alyssa Neumann, Staff Writer 
    On Tuesday January 29, Louisville participated in our Exchange Day with our brother school, Crespi Carmelite High School. Our Louisville underclasswomen welcomed the Crespi underclassmen to our campus, while the upperclassmen at Crespi hosted the Louisville upperclasswomen. Students at both schools were kept on their toes as they raced through engaging obstacle courses at Crespi, and kept their wits about them in a thrilling escape room at Louisville... along with many more exciting activities! Both schools enjoyed an educational day of fun and continued to create a lasting bond between brother and sister schools.
  • Faculty Builds Homes4Families

    As a way to start 2019 with both team-building and home building, Louisville's faculty and staff spent a day in Santa Clarita working on a Homes4Families community. On this cool and cloudy day our faculty hammered, nailed, measured, sawed, and swept their way through several partially-constructed homes. It was a great day of bonding and fun all while giving back to the community and our veterans...
  • Focus Program Visits LA Film School

    Our Focus Program's Journalism and Media cohort explored the LA Recording and Film Schools in Hollywood. At the LA Recording School we saw a wide variety of large-scale sound recording and editing boards on which their students gain certification. The Foley effects room allows recording engineers to re-create footsteps on a variety of surfaces, as well as re-record most sounds you hear in films. At the LA Film School we explored their sound stage complete with indoor and outdoor sets...
  • Trivia Night Saturday, February 2nd

    Join the Louisville Dads Club for Trivia Night! 6pm - 10pm, 21 and over.  Information and tickets are available at www.louisvillehs.org/trivianight
  • Campus Ministry Looks Back on a Busy, Faith-Filled Semester

    This Fall Semester students enjoyed reflection on retreats and service, and celebrated monthly liturgies. In this Advent season, we are reminded to “Wait”, “Prepare” and “Hope” for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Click to read a letter from our Campus Minister...
  • Mock Trial Team Reaches Quarterfinals

    By Isabella Azarloza '19
    At the height of the fall semester, seniors on the Mock Trial team study, rehearse and head to court to represent our school in an eloquent and educated manner. Louisville’s Mock Trial program was created to help students acquire knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, and gain an understanding of their responsibilities as participating members of our society fighting for social justice. Louisville's All-Girl Mock Trial Team has a successful year, finishing as quarter-finalists in the Los Angeles County Mock Trial competition.
  • Louisville Sisters Shelter LA Daily News Columnist During Woolsey Fire

    Dennis McCarthy and his wife shared special nights together at the Louisville Convent dinner table – a much needed respite from the devastation going on only a few miles away. (photo by Andy Holzman)  Read McCarthy's article about their experience with the Sisters of St. Louis.
  • Field of Dreams

    Last spring, the Louisville softball team celebrated the opening of a new home field! Louisville took control of field #2 at Encino Franklin Fields and remodeled the field to make it truly a home field for our players and their fans. This renovation included the addition of our Louisville blue and gold colors and branding throughout the field, especially on the new scoreboard. This field will remain Louisville’s home softball field for at least the next ten years and possibly beyond. Our softball team competes in the spring and we hope that you can join us this year at our new home field to cheer our team on to victory.