UNIFY through JOURNALISM AND MEDIA...
                                     TRANSFORM through STEM...
                                                     AWAKEN through ART...   

Hopefully your thoughts about choosing a high school include how it will impact your life after you graduate. Do you wonder…
  • How will I focus my academic classes and my extra-curricular time towards something real, like a college major or career?
  • How will Louisville challenge me so that my transcript will stand out among millions of college applicants?
  • What experiences will I have that will help me decide WHERE to go to college?
Louisville has developed four unique Focus Program concentrations for our juniors and seniors to do exactly that: focus valuable time and energy on real-world experiences that influence future decisions.

Advantages of the Focus Program

Program Opportunities
  • Gain professional skills at a career skills-building seminar by Skillyfy
  • Gain work experience and make industry contacts by interning/volunteering at respected company or organization
  • Take elective courses related to your chosen field
  • Make a significant contribution to extra-curricular activities on the school campus
  • Attend career-oriented field trips
  • Listen to professional guest speakers

Focus Program Descriptions

List of 4 items.

  • Journalism and Media

    The Journalism and Media program is designed to encourage creative exploration for young women with interests in literary, artistic, and media careers. As media makers and budding journalists, students will get an experiential opportunity and firsthand look at these evolving and fast-paced fields. Upon completion of this two-year program, students are uniquely equipped to pursue post-secondary studies in fields such as journalism, videography, film, media and communications. Participating students receive an immersive educational experience designed to refine and focus their creative talents so that they may build successful careers in these dynamic fields.

    A sample Focus Program experience might look like this:
    Elective Courses: Journalism, Creative Writing
    Field Work: Newspaper
    Field Trip: LA Times
    Guest Speaker: Broadcast journalist
    Extra-Curricular Activity: Staff writer for Louisville’s website

    ELECTIVE COURSES: (ONE or more of the following)
    • Journalism I, II, III or IV
    • Media I, II
    • Photography
    • Computer Graphics I, II
    • Yearbook
    • Creative Writing
  • Law and Social Justice

    The Law and Social Justice program is designed for young women whose academic and career goals relate to politics, the American legal system, community, and social welfare. Through hands-on activities, field-work, and in-class instruction, students will develop their analysis, interpretation, research, ethics, and communication skills. The program combines Louisville’s legacy of success and leadership in Mock Trial and Model UN competitions with additional focus-based interactions with their peers and working professionals. Students who complete the program emerge as confident, informed and active global citizens ready to make a difference in their world. They are well-equipped for college admissions and career success in these challenging and rewarding fields.

    A sample Focus Program experience might look like this:
    Elective Courses: Introduction to Law; AP US Government
    Field Work: Law firm
    Field Trip: Courthouse & observe a trial
    Guest Speaker: Professor of Law
    Extra-Curricular Activity: Model UN

    ELECTIVE COURSES: (ONE or more of the following)
    • AP Government
    • Intro to Law
    • Psychology
    • AP Macro Economics (OSG)
    • Latin I (for students interested in Law)
    Additional Recommendation
    • Speech
  • STEM (Includes Medical)

    The S.T.E.M. program helps define the link between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics coursework and the many exciting career paths they provide. From hands-on experiences both inside and outside the classroom, to on-the-job interaction with leading professionals, students gain the comprehensive education and skill-sets required to excel in S.T.E.M.-related college coursework. The two-year program focuses on uncovering the powerful connections between theory and exciting real-world applications in the workplace, and provides students with a well-rounded foundation that will empower them to become the scientists and innovators of tomorrow.

    A sample Focus Program experience might look like this:
    Elective Courses: Physics, Engineering, Calculus
    Field Work: Metropolitan Water District
    Field Trip: UCLA Medical Simulation Center
    Guest Speaker: Cardiothoracic surgeon
    Extra-Curricular Activity: Robotics

    ELECTIVE COURSES: (THREE or more of the following)
    • AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics
    • Physics
    • Anatomy
    • Neuroscience (OSG)
    • AP Environmental Science (OSG option as well as at Louisville)
    • Environmental Science
    • Forensic Science (OSG)
    • Exploring Computer Science
    • Computer Graphics I, II
    • AP Computer Science (OSG)
    • AP Computer Science Principals
    • Introduction to Computer Programming (OSG)
    • Engineering (Intro- OSG)


    • Multivariable Calculus (OSG)
    • Calculus and Honors Calculus
    • AP Calculus AB, BC
    • AP Statistics (OSG) or Statistics
  • The Arts

    The Arts Focus Program aims to nurture artistic talent, personal expressiveness, creativity, and intellectual growth. With an emphasis on growth of the individual artist, this program channels students' creativity towards a series of experiential learning opportunities designed to complement and broaden their studies. Students may explore a broad spectrum of genres, including: visual art, photography, dance, theater, music, and architecture. Among the wide-range of extra-curricular activities from which to choose are the Fall Drama, Spring Musical, Ceramics Club, and Literary Magazine. Through the activities and courses of the Visual and Performing Arts Departments, instructors encourage and foster aesthetic literacy, self-awareness and expression, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Upon completion of this two-year program, students acquire skills and techniques necessary for success in post-secondary studies and professions in the Arts.

    A sample Focus Program experience might look like this:
    Elective Courses: Creative Dance, 3-D Studio Art, Photography, Theater Craft
    Field Work: Playhouse (Theater)
    Field Trip: USC Roski School of Art and Design (tour of campus & galleries on the campus)
    Guest Speaker: Set Designer
    Extra-Curricular Activity: Spring Musical

    ELECTIVE COURSES (TWO of more of the following)
    • 2-D Studio Art A, B
    • 3-D Studio Art A, B
    • AP Studio Art: 2D Design
    • AP Studio Art: 3D Design
    • AP Drawing Portfolio
    • Photography 1A, 1B
    • AP Music Theory (OSG)
    • Chorus I, II
    • Creative Dance IA, IB, IIA, IIB
    • Concert Dancers
    • Drama IA, IB, II
    • Photography
    • Computer Graphics I, II
    • Computer Animation for the Web

    Specialized online courses for Arts focus students may include:
    AP Music Theory
    Music Theory: Beyond the AP

Focus Program FAQs

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. WHAT is Louisville's Focus Program?

    The Focus Program gives you the opportunity to explore an interest in high school and focus on it as part of your academic pathway. This program will allow you to focus your studies in one of the following fields: Journalism and Media, Law and Social Justice, the Arts, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Louisville offers courses both on campus and specialized all-girls courses online to provide a broad selection of electives.

    In addition to your studies, you will also get practical training to prepare you for a potential career pathway. You will establish relationships with the professional world in order to engage in special projects, mentorship, and real-world associations. In addition to focused learning and field work, you will explore your chosen field through extra-curricular activities, professional guest speakers, field trips, and a senior project. Ultimately, when you complete the Focus Program at the end of high school, you will receive the foundation and preparation for future academic and career paths.
  • Q. HOW can I get accepted into the Focus Program?

    Incoming Students: Students in good academic standing are invited to explore their interests during freshman and sophomore year, and to apply for a specific program at the end of sophomore year.

    Sophomores (Spring): Apply to one of the Focus Programs. Students must be in good academic standing (with no D's or F's), a good attendance record, and must have a parent signature. The Focus Programs committee will approve student applications into the Focus Program.

    Juniors/Seniors: Involvement in this program requires students to be able to participate both during and outside of regular school hours. Students accepted into the program will select their courses accordingly with the guidance and approval of the Assistant Principal of Academics and a Guidance Counselor. Students must maintain a strong work ethic, commitment to the program, and good academic standing (with no D's or F's).
  • Q. WHEN should I start thinking about applying for the Focus Program?

    You should start thinking about applying for the Focus Program right now! Though you will not receive a formal acceptance until the spring of sophomore year, you should begin exploring your college major and career interests and start to envision what field you may want to pursue.
  • Q. WHY should you consider the Focus Program?

    If you want a solid academic foundation and the chance to explore a potential career field, then this program is for you! As a Focus Program scholar, you will highly distinguish yourself when applying to college. When you complete this two-year program, you will get transcript credit, recognition at awards night, special recognition at Graduation, and a certificate that identifies your commitment to and training in your chosen field.

    The Focus Program is an opportunity to go beyond the regular school curriculum and independently study and experience a particular field you are interested in. The experience itself, along with the opportunity for personal growth and the satisfaction of completing the Focus Program, should be a major reason for participating.
  • Q. WHO can participate in the Focus Program?

    The Focus Program accepts juniors and seniors in good academic standing. This program is designed for highly motivated and determined young women who want to make the most of their high school experience. Students in this program value a learning process where experience plays the central role. The "focus" in on you, your interest, and your will to pursue it. The Focus Program seeks to meet your needs if you want to pursue a college major or career in the areas of either: Journalism and Media, Law and Social Justice, the Arts, or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).
  • Q. What about careers in medical/health fields?

    At Louisville we include medical/health careers in STEM... since science, technology, engineering and mathematics are all important in medical/health fields. We encourage students to select job shadow experiences in careers that excite them. Field trips have included visits to UCLA's Medical School, daVinci robotics lab and nursing simulation labs. Alumnae who work as doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dietitians, and psychiatrists have visited our students to speak and host job shadowing.