Focus Program Speakers Provide Valuable Career Insights

This October we hosted guest speakers for all four Focus Program cohorts. Click to read about our visiting LA City Attorney, FIDM Representative, USC Cancer Researcher and Disney/ABC Director...
Gina Di Domenico Espinoza ’03 shared her journey from Louisville to LA Supervising Deputy City Attorney, and her work with LA's homeless. Brittany Klym presented FIDM’s Business Trends in Design and Merchandising. Dr. Desirea Mecenas ’99 detailed her work in breast cancer research at USC, as she studies disease progression. Candace Bejune ’02 gave students a feel for the media industry as a busy Disney ABC Television executive. Students listened and learned first-hand about their education choices, various job experiences and decisions leading them to the careers they now enjoy.

Students asked questions about their daily work environment and what they love about their careers. Gina Espinoza '03 said afterwards, "It was wonderful meeting the students. I was so impressed by their questions and their level of interest in this career path. You are cultivating some future leaders. I wish we had this when I was in school!" Our guest speakers were very encouraging to our students and offered to support them in the future.

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