Dancert Concert - "The Greatest Show"

By Ronnie Nickols '19, Staff Writer
Louisville's annual Dance Concert themed “The Greatest Show” dazzled the audience as students showcased their talents in a wide variety of class and independent performances.
At the door we were greeted with smiling faces. If you arrived a little early, you could view different types of student art on display... everything from sculpture to paintings. As the show went on it was clear that many different forms of dance were represented - from musical-inspired numbers to tap, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, and even the crowd-favorite Irish jig.

The Concert Dancers wowed the crowd with their wide range of talent, sharing their student-choreographed projects along with competition solos and duets. Many students independently performed, such as junior Theresa Dang and senior Michelle Zhao with their K-pop inspired hip hop routine. The Creative Dance I and II classes performed their group routines as well, and received massive crowd support. Overall, it was truly one of the greatest shows Louisville has ever seen!

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