Donor Offers $20,000 to Help Louisville Fund Participation!

Our annual appeal to current parents for the Louisville Fund ends on March 31. A very generous donor has offered a $20,000 gift which is dependent on the strength of our participation. The higher our participation, the greater the gift from this special donor. We need all of you!
Thank you to the many families who have already donated. Your names are listed on our HONOR ROLL. And thank you to the Louisville Faculty and Staff who gave at almost 100%! These contributions are a vital part of our school and a driving force behind our ability to provide excellence.

Because every student benefits from donations made to the Louisville Fund, we are asking every family to contribute. We are currently at 47% participation but the higher we go, the higher the gift amount from our donor. If you have not made your donation, please do so today. Be as generous as you can, but remember, our goal is participation so every donation counts. Louisville thanks you!


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