Louisville’s 12 Angry Women Hits The Stage!

By Kate Allen '18, Staff Writer
Look out Louisville because there are 12 Angry Women on campus!  On October 20th –22nd, thirteen talented Louisville Royals and an unstoppable team of understudies and stage crew brought a 1957 classic back to life with their production of 12 Angry Women.  From the beautiful 1950s costumes and acting, to the lighting, sound, and set design, 12 Angry Women surely did not disappoint.
Based on Reginald Rose’s 12 Angry Men, adapted into a drama/crime film in 1957, 12 Angry Women is the intriguing story of a jury deliberating the fate of a 19-year old boy accused of murdering his father.  The jurors walk in with the expectation of an open and shut case until one inquisitive juror, brilliantly portrayed by Hanna Lerner '18, starts to question the jurors, revealing insight into each juror’s character and turning them all into 12 Angry Women. 

The cast and crew under the incredible direction of Dan Mailley truly exemplified Louisville’s theme of “Dare to…” as they courageously shared their talent with the Louisville community.  Lauren McDermott '18 dared to be logical in her role of high society Juror #4.  She says, “It feels like we're one big, happy family. I'm going to miss the fall drama, but especially all the girls.”

Renee Hernandez '18 dared to shine in her role of advertising agent Jurror #12.  Renee says, “I have fallen in love with the Louisville performing arts program and my biggest regret is not getting involved sooner. It is such an amazing experience getting to act with people of all grade levels, and we all became so close. I am blessed to be part of such a talented community and I hope everyone who saw the show enjoyed it as much as I do.”

Kylie Chadwick '18 dared to stand her ground in her role of Juror #3, the primary antagonist of the play. She says, “Being involved in this play has honestly been so incredible and Mr. Mailley is great to work with. The whole cast and crew is basically a family now and we are all very close both as actors and as people. I've been performing since I was very little and I can honestly say I've never had this much fun acting in a show as I have acting in 12 Angry Women. I had never done a Louisville play before, having been in the Crespi shows instead, but I'm so happy I finally chose to act with my Louisville sisters in my senior year.”

Theresa Dang '19 dared to be a leader in her role as forewoman, who tries to keep the jury under control.  She says, “My absolute favorite aspect about being involved in the play is seeing my fellow cast members develop their experience, and especially getting to know all of them as well.  The greatest moments come from whenever someone allows their unique individuality to shine through.  And I have definitely seen some girls become more comfortable expressing themselves however they want to, which I believe is one of the most important qualities to have.”

Without the leadership and inspiration of Louisville’s own Mr. Mailley, 12 Angry Women would not be possible.  Mr. Mailley enjoyed “watching the progress that the girls made along the journey of 12 Angry Women and seeing them use the skills that they learn to make a great performance.  The dedication and bravery that these girls have truly shines through in their performance.” 

As the curtains close on this year’s Fall Drama, the Louisville students have inspired our community to dare to share our talents and express our own, unique, creativity.  Thank you to everyone involved in 12 Angry Women for inspiring Louisville to "Dare to!"
Credit for all photos: Theresa Dang ’19