Focus Program STEM Guest Speaker Ashraf Farassati '10

Our STEM cohort met with Principal Process Engineer Ashraf Farassati '10 who works at Edwards Lifesciences. Ashraf has been involved in many informational interviews with our STEM students and shared some broad insights into the engineering field. Read more...
Ashraf has a BS in Biomedical Engineering, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, as well as an MS in Biomedical Engineering, Focus in Neuromodulation. Her work at Edwards Life Sciences has included transcatheter heart valves, surgical laser technology, and deep brain and spinal cord stimulation. Her meeting with the STEM students also included some wise advice about work/life balance, and "having many buckets of happiness" in addition to your work. Ashraf has included travel, music/culture, mentoring STEM students and she has continued volunteering at the Downtown Women's Center after spending time there on Louisville service trips.  Thank you Ashraf for your involvement and support of our Focus Program!

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