Photography Field Trip to the Getty Museum

On March 9 Louisville’s photography classes went to the Getty Museum. Due to the pandemic, the Getty had not allowed field trips for nearly two years. We were honored to be the first field trip back from the extended closure on a self-guided tour basis. Ms. Dupuy served as a docent for the morning at the Imogen Cunningham retrospective exhibit and Mr. Boyd came along as a chaperone more!
Students had just completed a unit in the History of Photography and this exhibit did not disappoint. Imogen Cunningham’s long career as both a commercial and fine art photographer, as well as teacher, was well-documented in several rooms of the Photography space of the West Pavilion.

Truly, Cunningham was a trail-blazing dynamo of a woman achieving great things throughout her life in the male-dominated world of photography. Our visit was timed perfectly to honor International Women’s Day (March 8), as well as to appreciate the beauty of springtime in the Getty’s garden. Each person was asked to choose their favorite image from the field trip: please enjoy these selections in our photo gallery.

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