Exciting Projects in the Innovation Lab

Students from all grade levels have been applying the design thinking process to develop creative, amazing things from Voronoi art/design to biotech concepts and stress-relief objects. Read more...
This semester, 3D Art students used CAD software and our FormLabs 3D printers to create custom texture rollers for ceramics. AP 3D Art students studied Voronoi tesselations by 3D printing a mesh model instead of a solid object.

AP World History students created a "culture wheel" displaying images from the cultures they have studied on a themed design similar to an ancient calendar. They then engraved and cut their designs using the laser cutter.

Our English classes used the laser cutter to expand on the Scarlet Letter "A" concept, designing letters to represent groups that are marginalized or shunned by society today.  Other classes focused on themes in Greek mythology or Shakespearian plays to design objects that invoke ideas of themes in the text. 

Health classes, while studying the effects of stress, designed stress-relief objects. They are all different, from lavender-scented fidget key chains to laser-cut boxes containing inspirational song lyrics.  Fidget rings and creative spinners were also fun to prototype!

Science - Anatomy classes designed prototypes of objects that overcome human limitations... like an extra thumb!  Biology students created real-world models of cell structure that were humorous and memorable. Physics used the lab to create their annual "egg drop" containers. 

Religion classes used the laser cutter to create beautiful prayer candles representing lost loved ones while studying All Saints and All Souls Days. They also designed vinyl-cut stickers representing a moral issue that they are concerned about. And what would Noah's Ark be used to save in today's climate change environment? Students designed ways to preserve plants, food sources and created complete biomes - all which had to survive a float test in the pool!

Stay tuned for more project news!

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