Career Development Seminar - Focus Program

Saturday, August 17th, was an exciting day for the juniors involved in Louisville's Focus Program. The Career Development Seminar gave students the opportunity to learn the core professional skills that will leave them feeling empowered and ready to explore their interests beyond Louisville’s campus. 
The day was full of networking skills, identifying and exploring interests, listening to a panel of women professionals, resume writing, LinkedIn set up, and preparing for informational interviews.

The panel of professionals consisted of Louisville alumna Deborah (Schild) Wadleigh ’97, attorney; Louisville mom Lauren Coulter, producer and production manager; Louisville mom Colleen Kelley, pulmonary clinic manager; and Louisville mom Katy Boos, public relations.  All of the speakers had valuable tips on how to get ahead professionally and personally.

The juniors had an eventful and educational day learning how to develop their professional skills.  Thank you to Sherilyn Ashena, faculty at California State University, Northridge for facilitating a great day for our juniors.  

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