Dad's Club Bracket Contest: Elite 8

The Dads Club NCAA Men's Basketball bracket tourney contest has reached the halfway point. Where are you ranked and what do you need in order to win?
With three rounds in the books and three rounds to go, eight of our 18 players are eliminated from contention, but more than half of those who entered can still win. Below are the standings and what each player needs to have happen in order to win.

1. Casa Dubois (540): Houston loses in the Elite 8, Gonzaga loses the final
2. Chris Benedict (520): Michigan wins in the Elite 8, Gonzaga loses the final
3t. Piscatella Bracket (510): Gonzaga wins the final
3t. Davoren (510): eliminated
5. vinnylion 1 (500): Gonzaga defeats Baylor in the final
6. John Sandoval (490):  eliminated
7t. Chad Rach (480): Baylor loses in the Elite 8. Michigan wins in the Final Four.
7t. espn76263855 2 (480): Gonzaga and Baylor lose in the Elite 8, Michigan wins in the Final Four
9. scottbergen (460): Michigan loses in the Elite 8, Houston wins in the Final Four 
10t. Iaccino (450): Gonzaga and Arkansas win in the Final Four
10t. Kilroy is Here!: eliminated
10t. HallFamily (450): eliminated
13t. Marek Z-1 (440): Gonzaga, Michigan, and Baylor win in the Elite 8, Gonzaga beats Baylor in the final
13t. FiFiRoyals (440): Baylor wins the final
13t. Petok's Picks (440): eliminated
16. Darren_Mitchell (420): eliminated
17. Marek Z-2 (410): eliminated
18. Erin Stern (340): eliminated

Update: Things have changed a lot with the Final Four now set. Below are the current scenarios needed to win by the only three players still able to:
vinnylion 1: Baylor beats Houston and loses in the Finals.
scottbergen: Houston beats Baylor
FiFiRoyals: Baylor wins the championship

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