Mock Trial Takes High Finish in State Tournament

Louisville's Mock Trial team competed in the California State Championships on March 20, finishing 11th out of 350 schools.

The team began preparing this year’s case last September and won the Los Angeles County Mock Trial Championship in November before moving on to the State Championships in March.  

Lily Davoren '21, McKenna Dixon '21, and Emily Hurtado '21 were each given Most Valuable Participant awards for rounds in which they competed. 

The team won the Prosecution in round 1 before losing narrowly in Defense in round 2. They tied on Prosecution in round 3 and easily won Defense in round 4.

Louisville has won 11 country championships, including this year, and one state title, in 1993. 

Lily Davoren '21 (Pre-Trial Motion Attorney)
McKenna Dixon '21 (Prosecution Attorney)
Emily Hurtado '21 (Defense Attorney)
Daniella Lopez '21 (Prosecution Attorney)
Stella Rose '21 (Defense Attorney)

Julianna Barlow '21 (Defendant)
Carolina Casillas '22 (Prosecution Witness)
Gia Corey '21  (Prosecution Witness)
Alanna Lemp '21 (Defense Witness)
Maddie Magruder '21 (Defense Witness)
Brigitte Morgan-Varga '21 (Defense Witness)
Kate Powledge '21 (Prosecution Witness)
Sarah Stern '22 (Prosecution Witness)

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