Focus Program Explores DPT Program at Mt. St. Mary's University

Louisville's Medicine & Health Sciences cohort took a live virtual tour hosted by graduate students and the Director of Mt. St. Mary's Physical Therapy program. Three DPT students hosted our juniors and seniors to view the learning spaces, anatomy lab, and to share their perspectives on this career path.
Our enthusiastic hosts walked us through several labs to discuss and demonstrate what they experience during the course of study. In the anatomy lab, students got a chance to observe how a cadaver allows hands-on learning. In other labs that simulate an outpatient PT setting, the DPT students demonstrated how they practice treating patients on each other, with the help of instructors and physical models. 

The DPT students all emphasized that their career choice of physical therapy allows them to spend a great amount of time with a patient as he/she heals and improves following injury, illness, or stroke. Rather than just diagnose, physical therapists are on a journey of healing with their patients. 

Louisville is very grateful to Mt. St. Mary's and Dr. Deborah Lowe for allowing our students to access her program and gain insights from her students. 

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