Focus Program Career Skills Workshop

Saturday, August 17th, was an exciting day for the juniors involved in the Focus Program. The Skillify Workshop gives students the opportunity to learn the core professional skills that will leave them feeling empowered and ready to explore their interests beyond Louisville’s campus. The day was full of networking skills, listening to a panel of professionals, resume writing and practicing for a first job interview.
The panel of professionals consisted of parent Kristy Cox, Marketing and Communications; Jamie McKeon Castro '03, Los Angeles County District Attorney; Suzanne Guldimann '86, Journalist and Musician; Christina Hubbard '05, Entertainment/Communications; Katie McNamee '98, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; Sofia Nelson '05, MD, private practice; Veronica Vos '08, Caseworker and Assistant Field Deputy for City Councilman district office. All of the speakers had valuable tips on how to get ahead professionally and personally.

The juniors had an eventful and educational day learning how to improve their professional skills.  Thank you to Shireen Jaffer of Skillify for a great experience! 

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