Focus Program Visits Ventura County Courthouse

Louisville’s Law and Social Justice Focus Program found themselves sitting in on a murder trial Tuesday morning at the busy Ventura County Courthouse. It was an exciting part of a day hosted by Deputy Public Defender and Louisville Mom Andrea Neumann, who provided our students with some eye-opening and insightful experiences. Louisville alumna Judge Patricia Murphy ’80 spoke with the girls in her high-security courtroom where she presides over sentencings for violent criminal offenders. She shared her educational and career path to becoming a judge in a way that was very inspirational. The murder trial...
...allowed the students to hear the testimony of a witness and see the analysis of cell phone video taken during the crime. The students also observed a domestic violence case and held a mock trial in the beautiful ceremonial courtroom. The judges of those trials enthusiastically welcomed our students, and spent part of their lunchtime speaking with them about their career. Our visit was a valuable and exciting look at the everyday work going on in our courthouses to ensure that our legal process is carried out fairly and thoroughly. Thank you to all who made this day possible.