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Faith in action

Louisville is committed to developing faith-filled and morally aware individuals who are of service to their Church and school, to the community, and to others. By participating in Louisville’s Retreat and Community Service programs, each student has the opportunity not only to enrich her own life by giving back but to enrich the lives of others by volunteering in a variety of ways.

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Masses at Louisville are unlike any other because not only do the students and faculty all come together, but people of different cultures and faiths are celebrated. 
Gina Kim, Class of 2025
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Liturgies & Celebrations

All students are encouraged to participate in Liturgies and other celebrations as lectors, singers and cantors, movement ministers, sacristans, eucharistic ministers, ushers, and sound technicians. The following are some of our favorite celebrations:

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The retreats here at Louisville give me time to decompress from the stress that school life brings, and grow mentally and spiritually. They also provide a great opportunity to get closer with my classmates and create bonds that will stay strong for years to come.
Sophia Weight, Class of 2025


All retreats are student-directed, with students being selected to serve as the retreat leaders and trained in preparation for each retreat experience. Each class retreat is designed to guide students through the growth and challenges of that particular year and developmental period. Overseen by the Campus Minister and joined by members of the Faculty and Staff, Louisville retreats are truly led with love.


Our community and environmental service program connects Louisville students to the mission of the school which invites the entire community "to bring Christ to all and all to Christ." In the spirit of the charism of the Sisters of St. Louis, Louisville High School requires that students participate in a Christian service program. Part of each service opportunity is dedicated to orienting students to the challenges and blessings of volunteer service. By encouraging commitment to lifelong service, Louisville students are inspired to become leaders and volunteers who will tackle problems of poverty and environmental issues in their immediate and global communities.

Through the Christian service program, students will graduate Louisville High School with an awareness of the many local volunteer opportunities available to tackle issues of poverty, environmental stewardship, and social justice with open minds, hearts, and hands.
In addition to the school provided service trip, students will be required to complete 10 hours of community service on their own at each grade level. In total Louisville students will graduate with over 100 hours of community service after their four years at Louisville.
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Service has truly allowed me to find my love for helping others in my community and reminds me how every life has value. I am so glad to have such a comforting and supportive community. 

Mary Piscatella, Class of 2024