Mr. Vito Maria, Louisville Dad

"I am the proud father of two Louisville girls. Valentina is a member of the class of 2018. Francesca graduated in June of 2014, and is currently a sophomore at USC. Of the thousands that apply each year for USC’s esteemed School of Cinematic Arts, she was one of only 130 undergraduates accepted. I am quite confident a large part of that is because of what she did and learned here at Louisville.

"This is what Louisville does. Its girls are accepted into some of the most difficult and prestigious university programs in the country because of the guidance and mentorship they receive at Louisville.

"Mentorship and guidance. I believe in order to succeed our daughters need more than just education. They need nurturing, they need to understand that they are uniquely special, and they need to be pushed to their individual limits. They need so much more than just a great college preparatory education, and that’s what they will get at Louisville.  The intangibles your daughter will receive here can’t be measured by grades or SAT scores.

"Trust me, I know. Seven years ago, I attended Open House. I was impressed by the speakers and the overall presentation from Louisville, but what really sold me was what I saw when we walked out of this hall. We started a tour led by Louisville students. Not long after the tour began, I quietly told my wife Michelle that if Louisville can do for our daughter what they clearly have done for the students leading our tour, I was ready to sign on the dotted line right now. I told Michelle that even if these young ladies are the best and the brightest Louisville has to offer, even if these students were the exception not the rule, I’m sold.

"Well, in our 6th consecutive year as parents at Louisville I can tell you those students were not the exception - they are the rule. I watched my older daughter grow and mature into a confident young woman, and it’s happening all over again with my younger daughter, who is flourishing and maturing in just a year and a half at Louisville.
But let me tell you where I’ve really seen what I call the Louisville phenomenon take hold. It’s with so many of my daughter’s friends, many of whom I’ve known since they were in grade school. It has really been a pleasure to see the growth of so many young girls as they matriculate through high school.

"There is no one type of girl who starts out as a perfect Louisville student. They begin their high school career with different challenges, skill sets and maturity levels. But over time they change, they mature and most importantly, they figure it out. This does not happen by accident; it is the environment at Louisville.

"Every student is special here. It’s absolutely remarkable how you can speak to any faculty member, administrator or counselor and they can speak to you with specificity about your daughter. They know every girl – no student here is able to hide, no student is anonymous and there is always help available for whatever the student needs. Louisville provides an environment that mirrors what we all strive for at home: demanding, accountable but loving and nurturing. They raise the bar, they acknowledge accomplishment and there is an overall commitment to excellence.
I truly believe that the four years your daughter will attend high school are probably the most important formative years of her life - and you could ask for no greater partner than Louisville.

"There is so much we as parents want to teach our kids. Unfortunately, there are times when they do not listen to us. After all, we are just parents, what do we know about life? This is where it really helps to have a good partner. When your daughter enters through those royal blue gates every day, they are in the hands of very skilled people who understand teenage girls, and who only want the best for them. By the time they have done their magic with them, they will have grown spiritually, emotionally and academically. That’s Louisville secret sauce. I may not know the recipe, but I know the results - and the results are what matters.

"As parents, we want our daughters to be strong, confident, independent young women who are prepared to rely on themselves as they venture out into the real world. I can tell you this: a Louisville Graduate is prepared to face whatever life throws at her. What more could you ask for?"
"Louisville provides an environment that mirrors what we all strive for at home: demanding, accountable but loving and nurturing. They raise the bar, they acknowledge accomplishment and there is an overall commitment to excellence."

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