Felicity Black, Class of 2018

Welcome prospective students! My name is Felicity Black, and I am a member of Louisville's Class of 2018. I hope you all are excited to visit Louisville. Personally, I was extremely nervous when I came to my 8th Grade Visit Day, and I hope none of you feel that way. But if you do, I am here to assure you that there is absolutely no reason to be!

I did not know what to expect when I came here because I came from a huge, co-ed, public middle school, and all I knew about Louisville was that it was a small, all-girl, private high school -- so pretty much the exact opposite to what I was used to. My two older sisters graduated from Louisville and loved it, but I was worried about coming to this small, private school where my friends wouldn’t be, and boys wouldn’t be... But now I am so incredibly grateful that I came here.

I can honestly say that I would not be who I am or where I am without Louisville. I would still be the shy, introverted girl who never spoke up in class and never reached out for help when I needed it. I would not have met the friends I hold extremely close to my heart -- and will for the rest of my life. Honestly, at a co-ed school I would care more about what I look like and wake up an hour early to do my makeup and straighten my hair. I knew I was meant to be at Louisville when a group of girls came up to me at my 8th grade visit day with messy buns, no makeup and sweatpants, and told me that this is how comfortable everyone is every day.

Louisville is also a place of acceptance. The theme at our annual Father/Daughter dance was "Movie and TV Duos" ....and my father walked into the gym as Elsa from Frozen, with a full dress and wig and everything. And at any other place I would have been so embarrassed to dress him up like that, but I happily walked into our gym right beside him. I have so many pictures that my friends - and their dads - sent me of my 6 foot 1 dad in a woman’s extra-large princess dress posing for cameras, and it was so worth it.

Also, in my sophomore year, I took a 3D Art class and one of my projects was to make a paper mache object. My friends made normal things like animals or food, but I decided to make a replica of my history teacher Mr. Clark. I knew I was accepted into the family of Louisville when Mr. Clark happily received it and still to this day keeps it in his room.

You might hear this a lot throughout the day, but Louisville has truly become my second home. And not because we’re required to be here 5 days a week, but because every day I come to a family of girls and faculty who support everything I do, are able to make me laugh at any point in time, and who accept me for who I am.

Going to Louisville was easily the best decision I have ever made. If you decide to come here, which I hope all of you do, I promise you won’t regret it.
"I finally felt secure in my intelligence and, for the first time ever, I raised my hand in class. However, what changed my perspective entirely on life itself was a guest speaker who gave us the advice to walk through every open door."