Focus Program Students Explore Design Thinking

Career exploration in the Focus Program includes learning about “design thinking” and how it will fit into their future. Students participated in a workshop to learn about how design thinking impacts our world and were challenged to think about some issue or problem to be addressed. Our Innovation Lab will be the perfect place to see these ideas come to life.
The Design Thinking Workshop began with an overview of the process, from empathy and understanding to the iterative process of prototyping and testing. Participants were introduced to David Kelley, founder of global design and innovation company IDEO and Stanford Institute of Design, who shared via his TED talks about several moving and creative design solutions. Then they were challenged to design a new “morning routine” for a family member, creating a way for that person to have a more positive and effective start to his/her day.

Through our Naviance career and interest assessments, students are aware of their strengths and can begin to think about where their strengths fit into the design process. All projects need dreamers, designers, interviewers, managers, writers, advertisers, testers, artists, and technical wizards. Our students will begin to consider how they will meet that challenge. Second semester we hope to put these skills into action in Louisville’s Innovation Lab with some interesting projects.

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