Louisville Celebrates Unity Liturgy

Mrs. Dee Zamora
The Louisville community came together for mass to celebrate our unity.
As we continue to honor and celebrate Louisville’s 60th Anniversary, we also reflect upon the foundation, created and nurtured by the Sisters of Saint Louis. As with many religious institutes, the Sisters inherited from their spiritual ancestors a number of “words” that embodied their vision and the spirit that animated them. Among the words contained in that list, we also recognize that the message of unity serves as the cornerstone of the “Unum” that binds Louisville as a community, and has supported and educated confident, faithful young women throughout the years.

Sint Unum, Truth, Family, Love, Providence,
Simplicity, Give Freely, Do Not Hoard.

To honor our founders and to continue the legacy of unity, Louisville celebrated its Ut Sint Unum ("That All May Be One") Liturgy on September 25, 2020, and shared the following passage taken from the Archives of the Dames de St. Louis, written by Louis Bautain one year before his death in 1866. May his words be a constant reminder of the unity shared by all who have supported and been educated at Louisville over the past 60 years.

“We must lean on our origins and keep a love for our traditions, so that the family remains itself, something distinct in the mass of the nation. The continued existence of the family depends on our fidelity to the spirit of the founders. The life of a tree depends on the depths of its roots. You carry within you the future and a considerable responsibility. After God, the future depends on us. We are a little plant, but there is a place for all in the field of the Church and in the garden of the Father, who does not take back his gifts.”

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