Who will roll away the stone?

In recent days, Pope Francis presented “a plan for the rising up again” of humanity in the midst of a global crisis that has brought the world’s peoples and the economy to their knees. Pope Francis reflects on the coronavirus pandemic in the light of the resurrection of Jesus, saying our experience today mirrors in many ways that of the disciples of Jesus after his death and burial in the tomb. Like them, “we live surrounded by an atmosphere of pain and uncertainty,” and we ask, “Who will roll away the stone [from the tomb]?"
He likens the stone that sealed the tomb of Jesus to the tombstones of the pandemic that “threatens to bury all hope” for the elderly living in total isolation, for families who lack food and for those in the front lines who are exhausted and overwhelmed.” He recalls, however, that the women who followed Jesus did not allow themselves to be paralyzed by anxiety and suffering. “they found ways to overcome every obstacle”, simply “by being and accompanying.”
But like the women, the pope said, they all ask, “Who will roll away the stone”?

Pope Francis reminds us that many are participating in the passion of Christ today, either personally or at the side of others, and he reminds everyone: “We are not alone; the Lord goes before us on our journey, and removes the stones that paralyze us.” This is the hope that no one can take from us.

Pope Francis says that the disciples of Jesus discovered something that we are now learning: “No one is saved alone”, and reminds us that “we cannot allow ourselves to write the present and future history by turning our backs on the suffering of so many people”. Quoting the Book of Genesis, he writes that God himself is asking us, “Where is your brother?” He expressed the hope that our response would be marked by “hope, faith, and charity.”

This civilization “has to be built daily” and requires “the commitment of everyone.”
With the spirit and encouragement of the Pope, let us seek ways to overcome the obstacles faced by so many in our current world situation. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is presently working to collect food items to be distributed to individuals most in need in our community.
The volunteers in Palmdale and Winnetka are in dire need of food as they continue to provide for the elderly, immunocompromised, hungry and vulnerable in those areas.
Please call the Saint Vincent de Paul hotline at 855-423-6780 if you can provide items from the list, second image. 

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