5th Annual Trivia Night - February 1, 2020

The Louisville Dads Club is hosting their Fifth Annual Trivia Night!
Enjoy dinner, drinks, a Super Bowl Pool, raffles, games, prizes and some trivia!
Saturday, February 1st
St. Louis Hall
21 and over

Our trivia game consists of 7 rounds, including a Picture round, a Guess Who round, and General Knowledge rounds. Our Quizmaster, Hannah Davey, hosts the game, asking the questions while teams write down their answers, gaining points for each question they get right. At the end of the last round, scores are tallied and the winning team is announced!
Round up your friends and let the games begin! 
Click here for more info and to register for tickets!

Louisville High School

22300 Mulholland Drive
odland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 346-8812
Fax (818) 346-9483