STEM Focus Program Students Get Hands-On da Vinci!

The da Vinci robot has transformed abdominal surgery. Fifteen girls in our STEM Focus Program received hands-on training and practice with the $2 million da Vinci robot, thanks to Louisville parent Nick Kearin of Intuitive and West Hills Hospital...
A surgeon shared his personal experience with the da Vinci robot and what makes it so advantageous. Also at the event was Jamie Teswuide of Medtroinc, demonstrating her spinal surgery robot. Not only did the girls get this rare opportunity to see and feel what it’s like to use the robot, they learned about the millions of lines of code that it takes to make it successful. They also learned about the monopolar and bipolar tools attached, and how the current flows through the tools and back to the machine. With interchangeable tools, this robot allows surgeons to work with extremely sensitive and tiny parts of the body while the viewfinder takes size out of the equation. Thanks to Mr. Kearin and the supportive staff at West Hills Hospital for hosting our tour.

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