Louisville Welcome Dance

By Rowan Cox '21, Staff Writer

On Saturday, the 14th of September, Louisville hosted their welcome dance with the theme being neon! Students from all different schools and grades showed up in their most colorful, festive neon colors! As the students danced the night away, everyone’s bright, glowing colors were truly an amazing sight! The turnout of the dance was great with students from all over coming to support Louisville! Read more...
The welcome dance is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet new people and have fun with friends! Freshman Tatem Adessi said the dance was “going great dancing with friends and meeting people from all different schools.” The dance is a great place to socialize with new people along with singing and dancing along to the music played by the DJ! Junior Gisella Carbonell, who transferred to Louisville from Nebraska, said, “The welcome dance was exactly what the name says it is. Everyone was very welcoming and it was a place to meet so many girls and guys. Being new it was great to hang out with so many people that I don’t normally see outside of school.”

The Louisville dance was a big hit amongst all students as they got to jam out to the latest music, dance with friends, and socialize with new people. Crespi Junior Adrian Gonzalez said, “I thought the dance was fun and exciting especially with the theme being something you don’t see everyday.” The neon theme of the dance was a fun way for everyone to get creative and dress up in their brightest neon colors. Senior Mia Surmeian said, “We saw all the underclassmen having the time of their lives dancing, and as seniors it was fun to watch. A good farewell and I’m excited for MORP.”

Whether this was a freshman’s first welcome dance or a senior’s last, every grade level had an absolute blast kicking off the school year with the welcome dance!

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