Focus Program Goes Behind the Scenes at the Zoo!

On Saturday, March 30, four Focus Program students with an interest in animal and veterinary sciences spent the day shadowing alumna Elizabeth Cullip MacInnes ’03. Ellie is on the Animal Care Team at the Santa Barbara Zoo. She organized a VIP day for our students, giving them a taste of what it’s like to work with animals in a zoo setting... … read more!
The girls went behind the scenes and were able to visit the enclosures of the gorillas, giraffes, and penguins. Ellie and the whole zookeeper team were nice enough to involve them when something cool happened.

Brianna Maldonado ’20 reflects, “I never thought I would encounter and gain experience with exotic animals as I did on Saturday! It was amazing observing Ellie and the hard work she puts into helping conserve and care for many of the animals at the zoo. My favorite part was being able to interact with a penguin, which was something I never thought I would do. Ellie was so sweet and was very enthusiastic about her job. It was so nice of her to let us see what she does for a living and to get us to see the animals up close. Overall, my experience at the zoo helped me gain more knowledge of animal behavior and inspired me to continue wanting to study in the veterinary field.”
Jessica Bereny ’20 and Natalie Duda ’19 agreed, “Ellie was so professional and nice to us and she planned such a full day for us. We got to “walk” the flamingos, feed the giraffes, and really see what it’s like to work at a zoo. It also gave us a new perspective of what zoos are all about and their purpose in our world.
Caitlin McNeal ’20 adds, “My favorite part of the day was when we got to be close to the animals and to see what it takes to work at a zoo, especially to see the things behind the scenes that the public does not get to see.
Thank you Ellie and all of our talented alumnae and parents who support our students in the Focus Program.

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