Girl Up Club Welcomes Chizoba Uti, International Medical Corp in Nigeria

On February 28th, the Girl Up Club was able to experience life through another woman's eyes. Chizoba Uti, who works for International Medical Corp in Nigeria, came to talk to us about what life for girls in Nigeria is like. The shocking disparities between boys and girls causes girls to grow up without an education, as well as the inability to leave their homes without male supervision. These horrifying revelations made our club realize just how lucky we are to live in America, where we have the access to amazing schools.
We are thankful for people like Chizoba Uti, because she is fighting to change the way of life for girls in Nigeria. Her efforts are not only courageous, but inspiring. She is just a small ripple in the surge of equality that our club and others around the world are striving to achieve. 

Thank you, Chizoba Uti, for taking the time to visit us! 
Love, the Girl Up Club