APRIL 25, 2021

Thank you to the mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, alumnae, and other faithful friends who came to support our 54th Annual Mother/Daughter Luncheon & Fashion Show. It is inspiring to see so many past, present, and future families and friends of Louisville come together to support this event year after year. We were touched by the spirit and warmth at the Skirball Cultural Center as we celebrated 2020 Vision.
Many people came together to make the day a success and we sincerely appreciate your dedication and commitment to Louisville. Thank you to our wonderful Co-Chairs, Tere Perez, mother of Katerina '20 and Vilma Yacoob, mother of Zaakirah '20. They took on the leadership of this event and were supported by an outstanding committee of gracious women. We owe a debt of gratitude to our generous sponsors, donors, volunteers, advertisers, models, faculty, staff, Sisters of St. Louis, and you, our Louisville family. All of your support helps build the type of community for which Louisville is known.

On behalf of the entire community, thank you for accompanying our students on their journey toward fulfilling their dreams and to making this world a better place for themselves and for future generations.

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