Thank you to everyone who came to support our 2019 QUEST Gala. We were touched by the spirit and warmth at the Skirball Cultural Center as we gathered with one common purpose - to celebrate our Louisville community - present and future. Fly Me to the Moon was made possible by the generosity of many.

A special thanks goes to our wonderful Chair, Beth Bereny, mother of Jessica ’20, and her Committee, Tere Perez, mother of Katerina ’20 and Vilma Yacoob, mother of Zaakirah ‘20. We owe a debt of gratitude to our generous sponsors, donors, volunteers, board, faculty, staff, Sisters of St. Louis and you, our Louisville family.

Our gratitude goes out to the generous donors who helped us lead the charge to build Louisville’s first-ever dedicated space for our young women to Dream, Design and Do. Your generosity demonstrates your commitment to our mission of delivering an exceptional education develop skills that will make them successful in the future.within a community of faith. With your support, Louisville women today and tomorrow will have the opportunity to stretch their minds and 

We look forward to the next QUEST!

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