Louisville is committed to developing faith-filled and morally aware individuals who are of service to their Church and school, to the community, and to others. By participating in Louisville’s Retreat and Community Service programs, each student has the opportunity not only to enrich her own life by giving back but to enrich the lives of others by volunteering in a variety of ways.


Campus Ministry provides inspiration and opportunity for faith development to the entire school community. The student-led program includes retreats for all grade levels, morning prayers, and regular celebrations of the liturgy. Students from all classes participate as Lectors, Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Liturgical Dancers, Cantors, and Music Ministers. The following are some of our favorite celebrations:

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    On the evening before graduation graduates and their families gather on the senior lawn for a sunset Mass. Seniors reflect on their four years as a Louisville student, and treasure this special evening together. A reception follows in St. Louis Hall.  

    Each class celebrates Mass together on campus as a special time to reflect and bond. This smaller gathering gives students more opportunities to participate. 

    Every year our students invite their grandparents to celebrate the Mass with us at Louisville. A recent tradition that has developed -- an informal picnic lunch complete with free PIE! 

    Louisville celebrates its Irish heritage - the homeland of the Sisters of St. Louis who came to California and founded Louisville High School. Traditional Irish dancers help to bless our sacred space with their graceful art. 

    Our annual Mass and Picnic in May also includes an induction of seniors into the Louisville Alumnae Association. Mothers and grandmothers join us for Mass, followed by a picnic lunch on the student class lawns.


The Retreat Program at Louisville is student-directed under the guidance of the Campus Minister and faculty members. Student leaders are trained in preparation for each retreat experience. Each class retreat is designed to guide students through the growth and challenges of that particular year.

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  • Freshman Retreat - Sanctuary

    The freshman class is invited to two retreat experiences on campus in the fall and again at the beginning of the second semester. Students receive an explanation of the sanctuary that they will discover while they are here at Louisville.
  • Sophomore Retreat - Choices

    The sophomore retreats are one-day retreats held off campus. Celebrating life's choices, the retreats are a time of exploration of the choices made throughout our lives. They allow for small group discussion, personal reflection and communal prayer.
  • Junior Retreat - Encounter

    Encounter is a two-and-a-half day retreat held off campus. This retreat is based upon the Gospel of Emmaus. Those who choose to make this retreat enjoy opportunities to develop their prayer lives, engage in spiritual dialog, discuss issues that are pertinent to their personal struggles as well as growth in faith, hope and love.
  • Senior Retreat - Kairos

    The senior retreat is Kairos, which means “The Lord’s Time.” This retreat enables candidates to focus on their relationship with God, with themselves, and with family and friends. It fosters the value of Christian life as the candidates work to build a true faith community over three-and-a-half days.


Our community and environmental service program connects Louisville students to the mission of the school which invites the entire community "to bring Christ to all and all to Christ." By encouraging commitment to lifelong service, Louisville students are inspired to become leaders and volunteers who will tackle problems of poverty and environmental issues.

Students are encouraged to go beyond the school-sponsored service. They continue to volunteer in their church communities, visit the elderly and serve in a variety of other venues.

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  • Freshmen: School Service (10 hours)

    Each freshman joins her classmates to volunteer time at Louisville. Students have the chance to make friends, give service to her school, and make her more aware of the valuable gift of her time. 
  • Sophomores: Environmental Stewardship (15 hours)

    Sophomore service trips focus on care of our environment and take place at local watershed and beach cleanups, tree planting and restoration of public space. 
  • Juniors: Witness to Justice (30 hours)

    Junior service trips focus on issues of justice and poverty, particularly within the city and downtown neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Food banks and shelters benefit from the many hours our students give preparing food, clothing and other necessities. 
  • Seniors: Change the World Locally (35 hours)

    Senior service opportunities focus on helping local schools and organizations committed to alleviating poverty at many levels.  
“I feel an obligation to improve the lives of others in some way, if I can, and to be an instrument of change.”
Seneca Zamora ’06, AmeriCorps and Peace First

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Louisville High School is a private, Catholic, college-preparatory school for girls in grades 9 through 12, located in Woodland Hills, CA. Louisville educates young women in a vibrant, supportive learning community guided by the mission of the Sisters of St. Louis to “work toward a world healed, unified, and transformed.” Challenging academics and caring faculty empower each student to develop her confidence, integrity, and faith to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.