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Vibrant campus life

Outside of the classroom students at Louisville have a variety of ways to become involved and build bonds with their fellow Royals. Louisville has a vibrant campus life that includes dances and socials, numerous student-run clubs, events with our brother school Crespi, a robust student government program, spirit weeks, pep rallies and much more.

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Dances & Socials

Louisville hosts multiple dances through the school year including the student favorite semi-formal Fall Ball Homecoming Dance in October.

In addition, we also host a Winter Formal Dance for all students and Prom for seniors each year. There are also multiple movie nights and a flea market each year as well as other social activities

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Fall Ball Homecoming Dance

The Fall Ball Homecoming Dance is a semi-formal dance held in the quad and senior lawn area on campus each fall. The dance is planned by our student government and includes a DJ, dancing, games, caricature artists, airbrush artists, food trucks, and many other activities. This is one of the most memorable evenings for our student body each year.

Winter Formal Dance

The Winter Formal Dance is a formal off-campus dance for Louisville students and their guests. The dance takes place at a location chosen by our Junior Class Council who plans the entire event. The dance is held in early February each year and includes dinner and dancing with a DJ. The formal dance is open to students of all grade levels.

Prom (Seniors Only)

Prom is the final dance for Louisville students before they graduate. The dance is held annually at an off-campus venue and is for seniors and their guests only. The dance is fully planned by the Senior Class Council. The dance is held near the end of the school year and is an incredibly memorable event for Louisville seniors before they graduate.

Frosh Box Social at Crespi

The Frosh Box Social is an event held at the beginning of the school year as a way for the 9th grade students at Louisville and the 9th grade students at Crespi to become acquainted. The event is held at the gym on Crespi’s campus and is hosted by the Crespi 9th graders, their parents, and school chaperones. The event involves dinner followed by games and other activities.

Freshman Flip at Louisville

Freshman Flip is an event held in the second semester for 9th grade students at Louisville and Crespi like the Frosh Box at Crespi in the fall. For this event Louisville students provide dinner and activities for the 9th grade students at Crespi. This event takes place in St. Louis Hall on Louisville’s campus and is planned by our freshman class council with support from their grade level moderators.

Movie Nights on the Senior Lawn

Several times throughout the year the ASB at Louisville hosts Movie Nights on the Senior Lawn. These movie nights are open to all Louisville and Crespi students and offer a chance for those students to socialize. The movie is chosen by the student government at Louisville and there is no cost for admission to the event.

Spring Flea Market

Each year the Louisville ASB hosts a Flea Market on the Senior Lawn that is open to all students. Items from the Flea Market are donated by the Louisville community. This is a personal favorite event for many Louisville students. The event allows students to discuss the issue of fast fashion and all proceeds for the event are donated to a charity of the student body’s choosing.

School Spirit


An atmosphere of spirit and Royal pride permeates the Louisville campus throughout the school year, but most especially during spirit week!

During the Fall and Spring spirit weeks, students dress up for themed days and participate in grade level competitions to decide the spirit week champion! There are 3 pep rallies held throughout the year to honor our athletics teams, performing arts performers, and other groups on campus where students can have fun and show their school spirit. We also hold Sports BBQ's for our Fall and Winter teams, and celebrate our sisterhood with the Big Sister/Little Sister Program.

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Events with Crespi

We wholeheartedly believe in the numerous benefits of an all-girl educational experience, but we also offer our students many co-educational opportunities through our partnership with our brother school, Crespi. These experiences ensure that students at both schools can build friendships together that will last a lifetime.

Beginning with the Frosh Box Social at Crespi as a Freshman all the way through their Grad Nite/Grad Bash celebration at Disneyland or Universal Studios as a Senior, Louisville students have many opportunities to interact with their Crespi brothers.

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  • Cross Country Team, Swim Team, and Track and Field Team
  • Crespi Taiko Drumming Club
  • Crespi Cheerleading Teams
  • Crespi and Louisville Performing Arts Productions
  • Exchange Day
  • Frosh Box Social at Crespi
  • Freshman Flip Social at Louisville
  • Grad Nite/Grad Bash (Seniors Only)
Student-run clubs

Louisville High School offers a variety of student clubs including academic clubs, social clubs, service focused clubs, as well as a variety of other clubs. In addition to the clubs listed below, clubs at Louisville are always changing to match the interest of students, and all students including freshman are afforded the opportunity to form a new club.

  • Asian American/Pacific Islander Club
  • American Red Cross Club
  • Anime Club
  • Black Student Union
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Club-O-Cards
  • Cooking Club
  • Crafters Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Crespi Taiko Drumming Club
  • Dead Philosopher’s Society
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Environmental Awareness Club
  • Film Club
  • French Club
  • French Honors Society
  • Girl-Up Club
  • Giving Spirit Club
  • GSA Club
  • H.E.A.L. Club
  • Mathletes
  • Medical Club
  • Mental Health Club
  • Mock Trial
  • Model UN
  • Music Club
  • National Honors Society
  • Robotics Club
  • Sent with Love Club
  • Service Club
  • Spanish Honors Society
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Student Government

At Louisville High School there are a total of 33 leadership positions for students. Each spring the entire student body selects the 9 ASB members who represent the entire school and plan the school dances, pep rallies, spirit weeks, and other exciting events throughout the year.

The ASB also represents the student body at monthly meetings with the school’s administrative council.

Also, in the spring, the sophomore, junior, and senior class councils for the coming school year are selected with the freshman class council being elected in the fall.

Class councils are responsible for planning all class specific events such as: Freshman Flip, Big Sister/Little Sister Events, Winter Formal, Prom, Sophomore Unity/Ring Ceremony, and many others.