Show Your True Colors!

Whether a dancer, singer, or actress, each student is encouraged to develop her passion through many of the activities available to her on campus. Students perform at “‘coffee house” nights, Louisville’s Ensemble Royale choir, as well as exciting dance concerts, fall drama and spring musical productions.

Student artists explore 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional techniques in painting, drawing, ceramics and photography. Also included in the arts program are media communication classes, featuring a professional media lab, plus classes in computer graphics.

Media students learn film-making techniques and showcase their films at our annual Film Festival. Student films are also selected annually for the Calabasas Film Festival!

Each spring, Louisville showcases over 500 works created by students during the three-day Festival of the Arts. A gallery is setup in St. Louis Hall. The community is invited to tour the exhibit and enjoy dramatic performances, an dance concert and a choral/classical music recital.

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