Exercise your creativity. Spread your wings. Set a record. Demonstrate your determination. And most importantly, discover the inner power that comes from treating success and failure equally - with humility and grace.

Trips & Excursions

Louisville students travel together with faculty to locations in the U.S. and abroad. Whether your interest is government, politics, law, acting, dance, music, or European cultures and languages, there is an experience waiting for you. Some recent trips include:
  • Honduras Science Research Expedition
  • Close Up Washington D.C.
  • New York Performing Arts Tour 
  • San Francisco Performing Arts Tour 
  • Ireland and England
  • Italy and France
  • France, Spain and Italy

Activities with Crespi

High school life would not be complete without co-ed activities including football games, dances, cheerleading and stage productions. Below are some of the many organized activities that Louisville girls participate in with Crespi boys, as well as with boys from other local schools.
  • Mission League Cross Country, Track and Swim meets 
  • Crespi Cheerleading (Freshman, JV and Varsity) 
  • Welcome Dances in the Fall
  • Frosh Box Social 
  • MORP 
  • Crespi Fall Drama Production 
  • Homecoming Football Game 
  • Homecoming Dance 
  • Winter Formal 
  • Louisville Spring Musical 
  • Proms (Louisville and Crespi) 
  • UCLA Football game outings 
  • Disneyland Grad Night

Activities with Parents

We take time at Louisville to bring our moms, dads, guardians and grandparents to our campus often. Special memories are created together at all of these events.
  • Father/Daughter Breakfast 
  • Dads Club Halloween BBQ 
  • Grandparents Liturgy 
  • Father/Daughter Dance 
  • Mother/Daughter Picnic and Boutique 
  • Dads Club St. Patrick's Day BBQ 
  • Mother/Daughter Mass and Picnic 
  • Mother/Daughter Luncheon

Louisville Clubs

List of 43 items.

  • Ambassadors

    School leaders represent and promote Louisville to the broader community at various events, both on and off-campus.
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  • Anime Club

  • Anti-Bullying Club

  • Book Club

    The purpose of the Book Club is to encourage and stimulate an interest in reading.
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  • California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

    CSF is a statewide organization whose purpose is to foster academic scholarship, service and citizenship.
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  • Campus Ministry

    The main function of Campus Ministry is to foster the faith life of the school by guiding the community through the liturgical year.
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  • Ceramics Club

    Beyond the ceramics class, there are further opportunities to design and create ceramic art after school.
  • Cheerleaders

    Selection of Crespi Cheerleaders takes place in April of each year. 
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  • Chess Club

    Lunchtime chess tournaments offer chances for fun and learning this centuries-old game for the beginner to expert-level player.
  • Coffee House

    Three evenings each year students are encouraged to share their talents as a performance artist through voice, musical instrument or dramatic readings.
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  • Cooking Club

    Want to learn to cook, have fun, and meet other students with similar culinary interests? 
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  • Crafters for Charity Club

    Members create items to be sold at events on campus each year...
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  • Diversity Club

  • Education Rocks Club

  • Empowerment Club

  • Engineering Club

    This club meets regularly to discuss the exciting field of engineering and to discuss opportunities for students to learn more about this fun and interesting field of work. 
  • Environmental Awareness Club

    Environmental Awareness Club discusses student ideas on creating a more sustainable campus and works to implement those ideas...
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  • Explorers Club

    The purpose of this club is to promote enthusiasm for and a greater understanding of science, nature and the environment.
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  • Film Club

    Louisville students have the opportunity to study film and modern movies while also having the chance to create their own videos. 
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  • French Club

    The French Club seeks to discover and promote French influence in art, music, history, literature, cuisine and film. 
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  • Girl-Up Club

  • H.E.A.L. Club

    H.E.A.L. stands for Help Educate Acknowledge and Listen. The H.E.A.L. Club’s purpose is to bring more awareness to domestic and sexual abuse.
  • Humane Sisters Club

  • Junior Statesmen of America

    The Junior State of America is a nationwide, non-profit, non-partisan political education organization for high school students.
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  • Math Club

    The purpose of this club is to stimulate interest in mathematics and to help students connect with and make friends with other students who enjoy mathematics. 
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  • Medical Club

  • Mock Trial

    The purpose of Mock Trial is to foster an understanding of the law and Constitutional rights through competition with other high schools. 
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  • Model United Nations

    Model UN fosters awareness about the United Nations, diplomacy, current events, and processes for resolving conflict peacefully.
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  • Movie Nights Club

  • Music Club

  • My Name, My Story

    This club seeks to inspire impathy and unity while developing student leaders.
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  • National Honor Society

    This national organization recognizes students for their scholarship, leadership, character and service.
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  • Performing Arts Club

  • Philosophy Club

    The Philosophy Club works to provide in-depth analysis of philosophical dilemmas and the manner in which those dilemmas correlate to the philosophy of Louisville High School...
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  • Psychology Club

  • Service Club

  • Shane's Inspiration

  • Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica

    The Spanish Honor Society recognizes high achievements in Spanish and promotes continuity of interests in Hispanic studies and culture.
  • Societe Honoraire de Francais

    The French Honor Society recognizes high achievements in French and promotes continuity of interests in French studies and culture.
  • STEM Club

  • Table Tennis Club

    In this fun club, we learn important tactics of professional table tennis. We work with our peers to create a lively, competitive environment that helps each person improve their skills...
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  • UNICEF Club

  • Uno Club

    In this club, you will be able to play the exciting game of Uno...
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