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Regardless of previous experience or level of expertise, all students are encouraged to explore the arts at Louisville.

Whether a student is pursuing a life-long passion or just curious to try something new, Louisville offers a variety of elective courses and extra-curricular opportunities to do so. 

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Performing Arts

Whether the interest is dance, singing, or drama, all students enrolled in performing arts elective courses get to experience the thrill of being on stage at various events and performing arts concerts throughout the year, including the fall drama and spring musical productions.  And students who want to perform but are not enrolled in any of the departmental courses also have the opportunity to audition and perform in any of the school’s productions.

Visual Arts

Student artists explore 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional techniques in drawing & design, painting, pottery & ceramics, sculpture, sewing, photography, film studies, computer graphics and animation. Student-produced publications - Le Roi and Vision and Voice - are opportunities for students to submit their own creative pieces to be featured as well as hone their technical skills with design, layout, and graphics.

Each spring, Louisville showcases over 500 works created by students during the three-day Festival of the Arts. St. Louis Hall is transformed into a gallery and the community is invited to tour the exhibit and enjoy dramatic performances, a dance concert, and a choral/classical music recital.