Greetings from the Alumnae Office

It is not unusual to hear a Louisville alumna talking about how Louisville High School forever changed her life. The love, pride, loyalty and commitment that Louisville alumnae have for their alma mater is second to none, and the extraordinary network of alumnae – now more than 6,000 strong worldwide – continues to thrive and grow with the support of the Louisville High School Alumnae Association.

The Alumnae Association and Office of Alumnae Relations welcome you to this website. Here we will celebrate and share all that LvHS alumnae have achieved in the world, and provide you with the tools and information you need to remain an active member of the alumnae community.

The staff of the Alumnae Relations Office welcomes the time, talent and treasure of all alumnae and we are deeply grateful for what LvHS alumnae do each year to support the school. There are many ways to get involved again at Louisville. Please click on the "Get Involved" tab of this website for a list of current volunteer opportunities.

Please join us in celebrating, sharing and building upon the rich tradition and legacy of Louisville High School alumnae by staying connected and getting involved today!

We look forward to hearing from you!

"I can trace much of my life's success and contentment directly back to my time at Louisville. From Louisville, I received an excellent education that led to a teaching career that I love. I also established deep, lifelong friendships that continue to infuse my life with joy and love. My life is rich in so many ways because I had the opportunity to attend such an amazing high school. For this, I will be forever grateful."
- Maureen “Mo” McElroy '82



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