• Serve as an Alumnae Association Board member or on the Board of Directors
• Serve as a Class Representative 
• Serve as a school advisor in your field of expertise
• Plan and attend campus reunions and other special alumnae events
• Lecture at school-wide assemblies
• Serve as a career mentor for a student via the Focus Program or Career Expo
• Include Louisville in your charitable contributions each year

Alumnae Association

The mission of the Alumnae Association is to unite all graduates of Louisville High School and to provide the services, tools and support Louisville alumnae need to keep in touch with one another, and with the school. With the help and support from campus Administration and the Alumnae Relations Office, the Alumnae Association strives to embody the qualities of character, strength and faith that all Louisville girls learned and experienced as students. The Association works to keep these ideals – modeled and exemplified by the charism of the Sisters of St. Louis – alive in the hearts of Louisville graduates everywhere, long after graduation.

If you are an alumna who would like to be considered for service on the Alumnae Association Board, please contact the Alumnae Relations Office for more information at:


Call for Presenters!
Are you a seasoned professional in your field who is interested in sharing your experience with young people? Would you like to give back to Louisville High School by helping a Louisville girl identify a possible career path?  If so, the Louisville High School Guidance Department needs you!  All fields, occupations and industries will be considered.  To be considered as a presenter for the next Career Expo, email your title/occupation and company/organization name to Pamela Bellew, Director of Alumnae Relations, at:

Questions?  Contact the Louisville High School Guidance Office at (818) 346–8812, x1023.


Job shadow opportunities wanted!
The FOCUS Program, an academic initiative for Louisville girls, are designed to encourage students to “focus” on their academic and career ambitions through coursework, field work and school extra-curricular activities. Alumnae are encouraged to get involved with this exciting new program by providing job shadow or volunteer opportunities for high school-age students at their company or organization. Alumnae who work in one of the following three areas are wanted:
  • Law and Social Justice 
  • Journalism and Media 
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine) 
  • The Arts
To volunteer, contact Mrs. Laura (Taylor) Flynn '83 at: and to learn more about the program, click the FOCUS Program button on this page.


Class Reps Needed!
Are you the gal in your class who is in touch with many of your classmates?  Are you on Facebook with other Louisville girls? Have you ever helped plan a reunion?  If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then becoming a Louisville Alumnae Class Representative may be for you!

What does a Class Representative do?
  • Acts as a key liaison representing her class.
  • Helps plan reunions and encourage attendance.
  • Signs letters, updates the class roster and collects/encourages Class Notes.
  • Helps ensure that Louisville continues to provide the finest Catholic, college-preparatory education possible to the young women of today by encouraging classmates to participate in the annual Alumnae Appeal. 
How do I become a Class Rep?
The Alumnae Relations Office is seeking to establish two Reps per class.  Call your best friend and become Reps together!  If you are interested in learning more, contact Pamela Bellew '82, Director of Alumnae Relations, at


Does your class have a Class Rep yet?

Kathy Villar Jacinto ‘64

Marie Damiano Miller ’65

Sandy Sankey Murphy ‘69
Mary O'Connell Stone ’71
Kathy Phillips Kerr ‘71

Joney Cannavo Gasbarro '72

Elizabeth Wickman Thorner ‘73

Carey Hilbert '74

Twyla Tanner Arant '81

Tracy Garnett Ross '82

Deanna LaBarbera ‘87

Elena Miller '88
Laura Ramsden Gideon '88

Kristen Costales Mattie ‘89
Teresa Knight McMenamin '89

Dana Affronti Mitchell ‘90
Jane Carroll Johnson '90

Elizabeth Rosenthal King ‘91

Catherine “Cat” Rymsza Leon ’92

Andrea Jacinto Evans '94

Adrienne Brenner Colvin ‘97

Meghan Lewis DeFrank '99
Elizabeth Reising Burk '99

Allison Bernardi Stauth ’01
Christina Martin ’01

Angela Miller ’02

Kristen Thorner Dang ‘03

Eleni Barefoot '06
Vassi Iliadis '06

If you are interested in becoming a Class Rep, please email Pamela Bellew '82, Director of Alumnae Relations at for further information.

Thank you!