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Welcome to Louisville! If you are ready to be challenged academically, inspired by supportive classmates and motivated by a dedicated faculty who encourage you to be your best self, Louisville is the place for you. When you graduate from Louisville, you will join a network of accomplished women who strive for academic excellence while growing in confidence, integrity and faith.

Why choose Louisville?

Louisville is a single-gender school!
  • Girls take center stage in everything: academics, athletics, student government, film and journalism.
  • All-girl Mock Trial, Model UN and Robotics teams rock!
  • Louisville helps girls to discover, test and develop their unique talents with confidence. 
  • Our integration of technology inspires and motivates girls through creativity and communication. 

Louisville is a small school!
  • Small challenging classes with one-on-one attention 
  • Focus Programs in Medicine and Health Sciences, Law and Social Justice, STEM, Journalism and Media, and the Arts 
  • Clubs and activities provide flexible leadership opportunities 
  • We know our students as individuals. 

Louisville is a Catholic school!
  • Focus on moral, ethical and social decision-making regardless of religious background 
  • Retreats and Campus Ministry encourage spiritual growth and leadership 
  • Service and outreach are built into school days with wide range of opportunities

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