Open House December 8

Interested in what Louisville has to offer?
Join us for Open House, everyone is welcome! 

Don't miss the opening event in St. Louis Hall which begins promptly at 11:00 a.m. followed by school tours led by our wonderful Louisville girls.

There will be performances, tours, opportunities to meet our coaching staff and our faculty! 

Learn about schools before applying to them. It wastes time and money to apply to a school that you only know through friends, or only from their web site. Get your questions answered before you apply. 

Experience a school first-hand. You will hear from a variety of people about what the school is like – especially teachers and students. See how the students and teachers act and why they like it there. Get a tour, look at the environment and discover how it makes you feel.

Feel the vibe. By visiting you will really feel what it’s like to be a part of the school’s community. Notice how students treat each other and their teachers. Do they feel at home? Is there a sense of pride and self-discovery? A school should inspire you and make you want to learn and grow there.

Find out what makes a school unique. You’ll find out what the school does best and what makes it different from the others. Sometimes it is a special program, its size, or what the school believes is important that makes it stand out.

Expect the unexpected. See what a school is like without the influence of other students or parents. It’s a day to explore what school is the best fit, not what someone else thinks is the best. Come with an open mind. Leave preconceptions at home.

Louisville High School

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odland Hills, CA 91364
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