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innovation lab
Innovation and Design Thinking

Encouraging Students to be visionary, to take chances, and persevere in the face of failure.

The Innovation Lab is a collaborative and cutting-edge workspace available to all teachers and students to advance and enrich student learning. Students from all grade levels engage in complex problem solving, critical thinking, risk-taking, and creative design. By using the Design Thinking process, students quickly become innovators, project managers, entrepreneurs and makers!

The lab includes liquid resin 3D printers, laser cutters, a vinyl cutter, sewing machines, large monitors with highly-efficient PC computers, a drop-down green screen, and more. Students use whiteboard tables, prototyping materials, 2D and 3D design software to bring their ideas to life. Often the present their designs in a “shark tank” setting at the end of each session.

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science window
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science tables
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science room
Supporting Learning & Creativity with Technology

Louisville encourages students to apply technology creatively and in ways that suit them individually as problem-solvers and strong communicators. The Technology Program at Louisville builds a solid foundation for girls’ technology skills, organized access to schoolwork and resources, and creative/collaborative skills that develop critical thinking.

Every student receives a Lenovo Yoga laptop/tablet touchscreen device that is appropriate for the college prep, honors, and AP-level workload. They are durable, lightweight, and maintained in-house by Louisville. Touchscreens and stylus make textbooks, 3D design and academic apps easy and fun to use. Students use OneDrive for file storage. All laptops are Windows 10, and loaded with full-version, professional software: MS Office, Movie Maker, and Adobe Design Premium Suite (including PhotoShop). MS OneNote is the note-taking software of choice. There are interactive BenQ monitors and whiteboards in every classroom, and wireless access campus-wide.

Our students can do all their work on one device while learning important file management and collaborative skills. On campus, students can work on writing, mathematics, 3D design, research, and continue their work at home with the same computer. Louisville students have access to everything they need to be confident, creative, and successful with their schoolwork.