Each year, Louisville invites distinguished speakers to campus who share with students their backgrounds, experiences and perspectives on a wide variety of topics. The speakers provide educational enrichment that is a natural complement to the school's curriculum, and Louisville faculty often incorporate the topic in an interdisciplinary manner before and afer the presentation. 

Most importantly, the speakers - and the experiences they share - are tangible examples of women and men living the mission of the Sisters of St. Louis "...to work toward a world healed, unified and transformed."

Speaker Series Guests

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  • Jacquelyn Rembis '08 - The Innocence Project

    Ms. Rembis works as a criminal defense attorney at the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office.  Her passion is to ensure justice for all the individuals who find themselves fighting for their freedom against criminal prosecution and to be at the forefront of putting an end to wrongful convictions.
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  • Elisabeth Leoni '08 - Google

    Elisabeth is on the Corporate Communications team at Google, where she is the Managing Editor of The Keyword, the external hub of all of Google's official news and announcements. 
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  • "ENERGY" by Jonathan Scott: Miles to Go

    Miles to Go is an organization that works to educate students and parents about the dangers of drug use in an interesting and interactive way. Energy is a lecture that focusses on harmful and dangerous stimulant drugs that people use in the hope of having more energy.
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  • Collen Osborne ‘09 - Career in Human Rights

    Originally from Los Angeles, Colleen graduated from Louisville in 2009 and then went on to Grinnell College in Iowa. She graduated from Grinnell with Honors and a BA in Political Science in May 2013.
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  • Executive Director, Diana Pinto - LAMP

    Over 20 years ago South Central LAMP was the vision of eight communities of Catholic sisters who believed that a single act of kindness can change a person’s life. They saw beyond first impressions and saw a community, not riddled with problems but filled with opportunities; a community not stagnate, but zealous.
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  • Jackie Maw Tolliver - Media

    Originally from New Zealand, Jackie Maw Tolliver is an award winning screenwriter and producer based in Los Angeles. Having written, directed and produced two films in San Diego and Brooklyn, she now writes original television content and has seven of her own projects in development.
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    “Do something you’re not comfortable with…it helps you to grow”. This was the theme of the guest speaker for the Law & Social Justice Focus Program on Tuesday October 13th, 2015. Leslie Gerson, class of ’66, is the Senior Inspector at the U.S. Department of State.
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  • Tony Magee, STEM Education and Aerojet Rocketdyne

    Tony is the top-selling author of the book "Can't Shove a Great Life into a Small Dream!" A Rocket Scientist for nearly 19 years for the US Space Shuttle Program, now works as Stem Education Outreach Direcctor for Aeorjet Rocketdyne as well as capital investing. 
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  • Captain Maureen Ryan of the Los Angeles Police Department Topanga Division

    Captain Ryan, who holds both a Bachelors and Masters in Education, highlighted that while she may currently be at the top of her field, the path and journey she traveled to reach her current position was not always an easy one.
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  • MBA Patricia Maloney ‘76, on the Business Side of Engineering and STEM

    From ARCO to Mobil Oil to the Aerospace Coorporation, Patricia Maloney has held a variety of position directing the business, economic and marketing side of science and technology worldwide. She shared her experiences with Louisville students.
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  • Dr. Kathy Magliato, MD, MBA, FACS - Cardiothoracic Surgeon

    Dr. Magliato is one of the few female cardiothoracic surgeons in the world. She is currently the Director of Women’s Cardiac Services at Saint John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica, California, where she is developing a Women’s Heart Center to address the cardiac needs of female patients.
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  • Sarah Allen, Blazing Cloud

    Imagine a world without streaming video. Sarah Allen led the team, as the sole female programmer, that developed Flash video, which enables so much of video content to stream on the Internet.
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  • Letters to Harriet Tubman from The Music Center

    It is 1902, where Harriet Tubman, now 80 years old, reminisces about the heroic adventures of her life through songs and stories of slavery, civil war, and the struggle for freedom.
  • From Hardship to Hope: Ghana's Thomas Awiapo

    Thomas Awiapo has a truly inspiring story of survival and success. Orphaned before the age of ten, Thomas survived bleak poverty and hunger in his small Africa village.
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  • Jessica Mariglio, Alliance for Climate Education

    After college, Jessica received the William M. Bristol Fellowship and traveled around the world studying spoken word poetry, storytelling and hip-hop as tool for youth community building.
  • Fr. Chris Ponnet, Pax Christi

    Father Chris Ponnet is a Catholic Pastor of St. Camillus serving as chaplain at LAC/USC Medical Center and Southern California Regional Coordinator for Pax Christi USA.
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  • Dr. Anita Sengupta: Women, Mars, and STEM

    Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Entry, Descent and Landing Engineer Anita Sangupta is a rocket scientist who works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and specializes in designing systems to land on Mars, Venus, and return to Earth. 
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  • David Calavitta – Youth Minister

    David Calavitta is a parish youth minister, an artist and a graphic designer. 
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  • Nicole Clark: Cover Girl Culture

    Nicole Clark is a former elite model who presents workshops and assemblies for girls on body image, self-esteem, and media literacy.
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  • Fr. Ken Deasy: Somalia? Kenya? Haiti?

    Father Ken Deasy is a dynamic and personable native Californian Catholic priest known throughout the Los Angeles area as an open, energetic, humorous, compassionate, athletic, all-inclusive guy...
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  • Michelle Mehta, J.D. Earth Month Assembly: WATER

    Michelle Mehta is a staff attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council. 
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  • Father Greg Boyle, S.J., founder and CEO of Homeboy Industries

    Rev. Boyle has been an advocate for at-risk and gang-involved youth in Los Angeles and around the world for more than 25 years. 
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  • Sr. Helen Prejean C.S.J., author of "Dead Man Walking"

    Sister Helen began her prison ministry in 1981 when she dedicated her life to the poor of New Orleans. 
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  • Crossroads: Sr. Terry Dodge, SSL

    Sr. Terry Dodge is a Sister of St. Louis. She is the executive director of Crossroads, Inc. which provides transitional housing, education, career and counseling services and support to women released from prison. 
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  • Wildlife Expert Jeff Lee

    The Explorers Club sponsored our Earth Month assembly. 
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  • Dr. Susan Love, Breast Cancer Researcher and Physician

    Renowned Researcher and Physician spoke at Louisville High School about her latest findings in her efforts to understand the causes of breast cancer and to develop a cure for this disease. 
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  • Producer Gary Straub, Documentary Filmmaker

    Gary Straub shared his career and vision with Louisville students. His message: "Putting the power of film at the service of the poor."
  • Linda Biehl on Restorative Justice

    Linda Biehl is the co-founder and director of the Amy Biehl Foundation in the U.S. and the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust in South Africa. 
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  • Film: "Race to Nowhere"

    View trailer: Race to Nowhere
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  • Leila Conners Petersen: The Co-Director, Writer and Producer of The 11th Hour

    Leila Conners Petersen founded Tree Media Group in August of 1996. With a background in international politics, Leila set out to build a production company that creates media to support and sustain civil society. 
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  • From Louisville to Malawi: Dr. Monica Eneriz Wiemer '96

    Women’s Health Week brought a passionate young alumna back to Louisville, Dr. Mónica Eneriz Wiemer ’96. 
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  • Freedom Writer Maria Reyes

    Freedom Writer Maria Reyes gave a gripping account of her journey from the gangs of East Los Angeles to newfound hope at Wilson High School with her classmates in Ms. Gruwell’s English class for at-risk students. 
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  • Jim Newton, Editor of Editorial & Opinion Pages, Los Angeles Times

    A native of California, Jim Newton has spent much of his life writing about the state, especially its politics, government and legal affairs. 
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  • Sudan survivor and author Benjamin Ajak Speaks at Louisville High School

    Benjamin Ajak was five years old when his village in Southern Sudan was attacked by troops from his own government. 
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“Who sets today’s standards for beauty? How are these standards affecting individuals and society?”
Nicole Clark, Cover Girl Culture

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