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In 2012, Louisville became a Charter Affiliate School with the Online School for Girls, the first single-gender online school in the country. There are now over 100 schools partnering with Online School for Girls, now included in the One Schoolhouse organization.

Louisville’s partnership with One Schoolhouse allows us to broaden educational opportunities available to students by expanding course selection while, at the same time, maintaining the all-girls environment and level of teaching expertise that Louisville students and parents expect. 

Since the launch of the program, students have benefited from some of the country’s most highly qualified and highly trained faculty, while still remaining in a small class environment that is most like Louisville.

Louisville students may enroll in Latin I, Latin II, Latin III/IV, Neuroscience, Forensics, Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations, AP Microeconomics, AP Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, AP Music Theory, AP Statistics, Introduction to Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A,Engineering, Design and Robotics, and Creating Tomorrow: Computer Science by Design.
Interested in Forensics? AP Psychology? AP Computer Science? Engineering? AP Music Theory? Latin?
We've got these classes and more!

Louisville girls are getting something special by taking small, highly-specialized classes with some of the most motivated high school girls in the country – taught by some of the best all-girl teachers in the country - with the Online School for Girls.
“In an effort to expand our curriculum for students with specialized interests, it is essential that Louisville provide online courses that meet both our mission and our standards of excellence. A quality online experience also gives girls an opportunity to learn how to excel in such a course, which is fast becoming a routine experience at colleges world-wide.”
Kathleen Vercillo, Principal of Louisville High School
“Students find the courses challenging and valuable, and they often tell me how much they enjoy their online classes. Most of our students taking online Advanced Placement courses passed their AP exams and are now pursuing undergraduate degrees at schools such as UCLA, UC Berkeley and USC.”
Laura Flynn, Director of Educational Technology, Louisville High School
“We are thrilled to have more girls from Louisville High School join students from around the country in our courses. Louisville has made an outstanding commitment to create new opportunities for students and, in particular, has shown leadership in expanding STEM opportunities for girls.”
Brad Rathgeber, Executive Director of One Schoolhouse

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Online Course FAQs

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. When do students take these classes?

    Online School for Girls has students from all over the country, so class content is "asynchronous" meaning all students are not online at the same time. When a Louisville student takes a class online, it is part of her regular school schedule. She reports to the library during the assigned period to do her online classwork, take quizzes and work on assignments. Our students enjoy the time built into their schedule so the online class does not add stress after school during busy evening hours.
  • Q. How are online classes supervised?

    A faculty advisor at Louisville works with the Online School for Girls teachers and administrators to ensure student success. The faculty advisor proctors tests and quizzes, and helps with communication if a student has difficulty with the class or extended illness.
  • Q. How have Louisville students performed in these challenging Online School for Girls classes?

    Our students who have taken these courses have done exceptionally well. They have learned how to work closely with teachers using today's technology, communicate well with other students, and to manage their time better. And they are gaining valuable experience conducting themselves independently in an online, asynchronous learning environment. OSG teachers always provide excellent feedback to the students during the school year. Most have passed their Advance Placement exams with a score of 3, 4, or 5.
  • Q. Who can take classes with Online School for Girls?

    It's important to know that challenging online courses are not for every student. Louisville's academic advisers work with students to select electives, either on campus or online, that fulfill their graduation requirements and interests. Students in Louisville's Focus Programs will be given priority for online courses because of their specialized content, like AP Computer Science. Students requesting online courses must receive approval from the Assistant Principal for Academics to ensure that they will be successful taking on the rigors of an online course.
  • Q. What makes Online School for Girls so great?

    Our students LOVE the fact that their online class is just like their other classes - all girls, small, and have a close working relationship with the teacher. Communicating with their online classmates is so easy because they all attend similar schools, and they have fun meeting girls from all over the country - even Hawaii. The teachers enjoy communicating with their students electronically using Skype, email, and even texting! There is a stong connection among the teachers and students that makes it enjoyable and productive. And since it is all girls, they are so comfortable video recording themselves and participating in online discussions. They can be themselves!

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