Focus On Your Future

While choosing a high school, do you wonder…
  • How will I focus my academic and extra-curricular time towards something real, like a college major or career?
  • How will Louisville challenge me so that my transcript and interviews will stand out among millions of college applicants?
  • What experiences will I have that will help me decide WHERE to go to college?
Louisville has developed five unique Focus Program cohorts for our juniors and seniors to do exactly that: FOCUS valuable time and energy on real-world experiences that influence future decisions. 

Program Opportunities
  • Learn professional skills at a career readiness seminar
  • Shadow a professional to gain work experience and make industry contacts
  • Attend career-oriented field trips
  • Conduct informational interviews and network with alumnae
  • Engage with professional guest speakers
  • Sharpen personal finance skills before college
  • Select elective courses related to your chosen field
  • Make a significant contribution to extra-curricular activities on the school campus

Focus Program Descriptions

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  • Business and Communications

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  • Medicine and Health Sciences

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  • Law and Social Justice

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  • STEM

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  • Journalism and Media

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  • Guest Speakers and Panelists

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  • Financial Readiness Workshops

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Focus Program FAQs

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  • Q. WHAT is Louisville's Focus Program?

    The Focus Program gives you the opportunity to explore an interest in high school and focus on it as part of your academic experience. This program will allow you to focus your studies in one of the following fields: Journalism and Media, Law and Social Justice, Medicine and Health Sciences, Business/Communications, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Louisville offers courses both on campus and specialized all-girls courses online to provide a broad selection of electives.

    In addition to your studies, you will also get practical training to prepare you for a potential career pathway. You will establish relationships with the professional world in order to engage in special projects, mentorship, and real-world associations. In addition to focused learning and field work, you will explore your chosen field through extra-curricular activities, professional guest speakers, field trips, and a senior project. Ultimately, when you complete the Focus Program at the end of high school, you will receive the foundation and preparation for future academic and career paths.
  • Q. WHY should you consider the Focus Program?

    If you want a solid academic foundation and the chance to explore a potential career field, then this program is for you! As a Focus Program scholar, you will highly distinguish yourself when applying to college. After your first year in the Focus Program you will receive a lapel pin for your school blazer. When you complete the two-year program you will get transcript credit and a certificate that identifies your commitment to your chosen field.

    The Focus Program is an opportunity to go beyond the regular school curriculum and independently study and experience a particular field you are interested in. The experience itself, along with the opportunity for personal growth and the satisfaction of completing the Focus Program, should be a major reason for participating.
  • Q. HOW can I get accepted into the Focus Program?

    Incoming Students: Students in good academic standing are invited to explore their interests during freshman and sophomore year, and to apply for a specific program at the end of sophomore year.

    Sophomores (Spring): Apply to one of the Focus Programs. Students must be in good academic standing (with no D's or F's), a good attendance record, and must have a parent signature. The Focus Programs committee will approve student applications into the Focus Program.

    Juniors/Seniors: Involvement in this program requires students to be able to participate both during and outside of regular school hours. Students accepted into the program will select their courses accordingly with the guidance and approval of the Assistant Principal of Academics and a Guidance Counselor. Students must maintain a strong work ethic, commitment to the program, and good academic standing (with no D's or F's).
"It was wonderful meeting the students as a guest speaker. I was so impressed by their questions and their level of interest in this career path. You are cultivating some future leaders. I wish we had this when I was in school!"
-Gina Di Domenico Espinoza '03, LA Supervising Deputy City Attorney
"When I started my job shadowing I was extremely shy. This experience helped me feel confident asking for other internships and job opportunities by not being afraid to be confident in my abilities. Without this experience, I would not be the person I am today."
Lauren McMahon '18

Focus Program Field Trips

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