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Guiding the Way

Louisville High School’s Counselors take an individualized approach when it comes to working with students. Each student is assigned a Counselor who will meet with her at least once a quarter and who will closely monitor her academic progress and check in regarding her overall wellbeing. Counselors work closely with teachers and parents when a student is experiencing any difficulties and are here to support her through her high school journey. 

The Counseling Department also hosts a variety of events and programs throughout the academic year. These programs include:

  • Grade Level Workshops that cover the following topics:
    • Time management
    • Conflict resolution
    • Friendship
    • Stress management
    • Confidence
    • Positive body image
    • Career exploration
    • College counseling
  • Multiple check-in meetings with students each academic year
  • Coffee with the Counselors for Parents and Guardians
  • Life After Louisville (formerly known as the Career Fair)
  • Monthly "Wellness Wednesday" activities
  • Grade level social emotional focus
  • Roads to Respect - consent program
  • Comprehensive College Counseling

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College Counseling

Louisville High School’s College Counselors take an individualized approach to each student's college process and post-secondary plans. Our primary objective is supporting students and families to find schools that are a “good fit” for them. This means seeking environments where each student can thrive, become an active member of her community, and is challenged to step outside her comfort zone. Our experienced college counselors collaborate with students and their families to thoughtfully consider options, address questions, and share detailed information to demystify this process. We empower every student to find a place where she can explore her career aspirations, pursue her interests, and continue to build her character.

The Counseling Department also hosts a variety of college counseling events and programs throughout the academic  year. These programs include:

  • 70+ College Rep Visits at Louisville each year
  • RACC College Fair
  • All Valley Catholic College Fair
  • Multiple College Tours
  • Admissions Counselor Guest Speakers
  • Individual College Planning Meetings in Junior & Senior year
  • Grade Level College Nights for Students & Families
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Over $2.5 Million in scholarships received by the Class of 2022

Counseling Department
Sasha Holmes

Sasha Holmes

Class of 1999
Director of Counseling & 9th/10th Grade Counselor
Esther Han

Esther Han

Director of College and Academic Counseling
Alicia Castro

Alicia Castro

Associate Director of College and Academic Counseling
Cathleen Watkins

Cathleen Watkins

Class of 1997
School Counselor
Lauren Fisher-Hernandez

Lauren Fisher-Hernandez