What sets Louisville apart?
Its small size, its single-sex environment, and its distinctive programs.
Louisville High School provides each of its students with a strong, carefully developed college-preparatory curriculum. The course of study at Louisville has been designed not only to prepare students for successful college level work, but also to provide girls with creative and critical-thinking skills that will allow them to become constructive, contributing leaders in their community. 

A 21st Century Education

Teachers at Louisville really know their students and are personally invested in their individual success. Girls at Louisville don’t fall through the cracks – they are directed towards programs that fit their unique goals and fuel their enthusiasm.
All-girls schools have a research-proven advantage for teenage girls. According to a recent UCLA study, graduates demonstrate higher levels of academic engagement, SAT scores and confidence in mathematical ability and computer skills than co-ed grads.

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  • Grads of all-girls schools show stronger academic orientations than coed grads, according to UCLA study.

    Female graduates of single-sex high schools demonstrate stronger academic orientations than their coeducational counterparts across a number of different categories, including higher levels of academic engagement, SAT scores, and confidence in mathematical ability and computer skills, according to a UCLA report.
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"As an all-girls school, Louisville enabled me to be confident in all aspects of my life. This confidence pushed me to not back down from challenges that I met in all aspects of my life. Wanting to attend and play field hockey at Cal--one of the top public universities in the world--was a goal made possible from my time spent growing at Louisville. I learned how to manage my time and focus on my academics as well as my athletics."
Nicole Henriksson '13

Louisville High School

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