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Louisville Forever

As Louisville celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020, a team consisting of school leadership and board members planned for the future by authoring a 5-year strategic plan consisting of four pillars to ensure the school's vitality and growth. The Louisville Strategic Plan, Louisville Forever, ensures that its educational experience remains compelling and that its faith community is strong and sustainable.

The plan includes input from students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumnae as well as leading educators and other supporters of Louisville. It informs all school decisions and actions and is reviewed periodically to assess progress and updated accordingly.

Louisville Forever is a testament to our steadfast commitment to deliver the highest ideals of a Catholic education firmly rooted in the mission of the Sister of St. Louis. The plan focuses on the following four strategic initiatives. Each pillar is linked to the others, and each depends on the cooperation and support of the entire Louisville community.

Compelling Student Experience

We will:

  • Ensure academic excellence and relevance by designing programs that support and extend classroom learning as well as shape the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional student experience.
  • Promote inspired Catholic identity by sustaining a faith culture that respects and celebrates human dignity.
  • Create a school culture that embodies inclusivity and addresses the problems of systemic racism.

Dynamic and Visionary Leadership

We will:

  • Ensure all faculty, staff, students, and families value and promote Louisville’s Mission and Vision.
  • Cultivate an organizational structure that provides for effective supervision and development of leadership within faculty and staff.
  • Deliver professional development that is consistent with our Mission and Vision, leadership development, and school improvement goals.
  • Be proactive in planning for transitions and successions.

Financial Health and Stability

We will:

  • Establish a diversified and sustainable revenue plan that will build financial stability and long-term financial flexibility.
  • Maintain a healthy operating budget by growing fundraising revenue and increasing enrollment while managing operating expenses to maximize efficiencies.

Coordinated Enrollment Management

We will:

  • Clearly and authentically define Louisville’s brand positioning, character, voice, value, and audience.
  • Strongly and consistently communicate the Louisville brand across website, digital, outdoor, and print platforms.
  • Build a new 3-year enrollment management plan to reach aggressive targets.


2023-2024 Board of Directors
Monica Spillane Luechtefeld ’67, Chair
Cecilia Cordon Borchardt ‘77
Cathleen Cobb ‘66
Peter Enos
Gemma Marrone Fasani ‘80
Jim Hughes
Dennis Jacobs
Vincent Leoni
Desmond Lynch
Vito Maria
Sr. Teresa Marry, SSL
Sr. Mary McKay, CSJ
Scott Wendelin
Sr. Donna Hansen, SSL ’67, Ex Officio President of Louisville High School