Dear Friends of Louisville,

Dear Alumnae and Friends of Louisville,

As I begin this letter I find myself reflecting on the notion of “change” and how strongly it impacts our lives. Change is so rapid these days that we find ourselves preparing our students here for career paths and personal opportunities that haven’t yet been imagined. How do we equip our young women for a future which is unfolding faster than we can manage or comprehend?

Megan Murphy of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools offers this insight: “It’s more relevant than ever to educate girls with a voice and self-agency that will help them move forward confidently, while being nimble to address the challenges they face.” 

How well that sentence resonates with the very essence of our Portrait of a Graduate—one who accepts challenges, questions, engages, and so remains open to learning. Such a woman of agency is also resilient in the face of failure, persistent when facing setbacks and creative when the path is not yet visible. 

It is in light of this need to respond to a changing world while remaining rooted in the best of our traditions that we have refined our vision and will assess how our organization is positioned to realize that vision. We are also creating a new Innovation Lab in classrooms at the top of the senior lawn to foster the kind of ingenuity, risk-taking,  entrepreneurship and design-thinking that our students will need in order to live and lead in a rapidly changing world.

I hope you will continue to give strong support to the ongoing growth and vitality of Louisville by engaging with us in whatever ways you can. We deeply appreciate and count on the gifts of money, volunteer time, attendance at fundraisers, expertise and insight that you give so freely. We also welcome the chance to meet you at alumnae receptions, sporting events, musical and dramatic performances, liturgies, reunions and spontaneous visits to campus. There are so many ways in which to connect or contribute. Please contact me directly if you have a bit of time or resources to give toward our growth. 

I ask our loving God to bless you abundantly for your support.


Sister Donna Hansen, S.S.L.

From the beginning, Louisville has maintained a tradition of excellence based on Gospel values. Guided by the mission of the Sisters of St. Louis, we strive ”to become agents of change, transforming unjust structures, promoting peace and reconciliation and the integrity of creation."  

Being conscious of the times in which we live, Louisville continues to educate the young women of today with the same excellence experienced by all those who have succeeded before them.  When we introduce a young woman to the future and suggest to her that her mind can conceive it, her hands can mold it, and her heart can enfold it, we make for a better world.

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