Dear Friends of Louisville,

More than fifty years ago Louisville was founded by the Sisters of St. Louis as a Catholic High School for young women.  Today the school is still sponsored by the Sisters and governed by a two-tier Board of Directors and the Sisters of St. Louis as Member.

It is a joy to be writing to you as President of this special school community. From the wave of faculty/staff retirements in June 2017 to the rigors of a February 2018 accreditation, from the energy of our incoming class to the promise of our recent graduates, we have been cycling through maturity and growth, fidelity and enterprise. That balance between the wisdom of elders and the freshness of new members has always been a hallmark of Louisville’s strength.

Visiting graduates have enjoyed finding past teachers still on campus but have also joined the school community themselves as new administrators, faculty, Board members and staff. We had seventeen alumnae bringing their insights and energy to the 2017-2018 year and have about the same now. They know and appreciate the immense impact Louisville has had on who they’ve become, the careers they’ve built and the relationships they’ve developed. Who better than they to pass on the legacy to new Louisville girls!
As you explore this website, I invite you to become aware of the great gift to the world a Louisville education is.  I welcome you to come on campus and become part of this great experience.

Sincerely in Christ,

Sister Donna Hansen, S.S.L.

From the beginning, Louisville has maintained a tradition of excellence based on Gospel values. Guided by the mission of the Sisters of St. Louis, we strive ”to become agents of change, transforming unjust structures, promoting peace and reconciliation and the integrity of creation."  

Being conscious of the times in which we live, Louisville continues to educate the young women of today with the same excellence experienced by all those who have succeeded before them.  When we introduce a young woman to the future and suggest to her that her mind can conceive it, her hands can mold it, and her heart can enfold it, we make for a better world.

Louisville High School

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