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Mission Hero
Who We Are

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Mission Statement

Inspired by the mission of the Sisters of St. Louis to transform unjust structures and promote peace, and as an expression of the school’s philosophy that values the dignity and potential of all people, Louisville’s programs and policies embrace diversity, promote inclusion, and are examined on an ongoing basis to ensure an anti-biased and anti-racist education. As moral decision makers guided by Catholic social teaching, all members of the Louisville community are called to act with integrity and faith as they advocate for the equitable treatment of all people, and stand in solidarity with the human family.

Louisville welcomes students and their families from more than 75 private and public middle schools throughout the Los Angeles area. They represent a diversity of race, ethnicity, cultural and religious experiences, socioeconomic status, and learning styles.

Louisville strives to provide an engaging, student-centered, and inclusive educational experience that is responsive to the needs of our increasingly diverse population. By doing so we enrich our students’ experience of high school and prepare them for college and career success.

Curriculum and instructional practices are reviewed biannually to ensure they are inclusive and culturally responsive to the populations we serve.

Equitable access, opportunity, and outcomes for all families and students are priorities when designing courses and programs, implementing student supports, engaging with families, and monitoring student progress and achievement. 

Faculty, staff, and leadership engage in ongoing professional development to enrich their identity consciousness, to know their students more deeply, and to improve their educational practice. 

Louisville leaders engage with representatives from other schools to consider best practices and emerging opportunities to advance this work. 

Diverse perspectives and inclusive experiences are central considerations as we review, improve, and expand upon existing traditions, and as we create and celebrate new ones.

History & Charism

Louisville High School is a college preparatory, Catholic high school for young women with a long and proud academic tradition.

Founded in 1960 by the Sisters of St. Louis, Louisville’s heritage can be traced to the mid-1800s when the Sisters of St. Louis were founded in France. Coming to California from Ireland in 1949 the Sisters were led by Sister Mary Ronan, who was inspired to move forward with confidence in God and openness toward the horizons of the future. In September 1960, the old Manzanita Ranch with its wooded canyons, green fields, and white-painted horse corrals became the site for Louisville High School. 

st mary
seven ladies
historical photo
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Ninety-one young women and five teachers formed the nucleus of what is today one of the finest Catholic college preparatory high schools in Los Angeles for young women.

The faculty and students came together years ago with a common vision: to create a Christian community for spirituality, learning, and outreach. Today the vision of those pioneers is a reality. Louisville High School has matured into a lively family of individuals, all engaged in the exciting process of learning.