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Discover Louisville!

Welcome to Louisville High School! We have the great privilege of serving as Louisville’s President and Principal. Both of us share a rich history with the school, having served in numerous capacities in our tenure, and enjoy a collaborative partnership rooted in respect and trust. The latter is reflective of the relationship our entire administrative team has with one another, with faculty and staff, as well as with our parent and student community. We pride ourselves in our dialogic approach and discernment of matters as we believe it ultimately contributes to the ethic of care that underlies all the work in which we engage and allows us to make decisions mindful of the unique needs of each student whom we serve.

We are so glad you are taking a moment to learn more about Louisville! High school is four short but significantly formative years in a young woman’s life and it goes too quickly to not be spent intentionally and specifically on her. Our beautiful and safe campus, our caring faculty and staff, and the compelling student experience that we offer affords our students the opportunity to discover their interests, build their self-confidence, and encourage them to take healthy risks. By design, Louisville, as a Catholic all-girl school, can and does make girls our priority. The educational, physical, socio-emotional, and spiritual development of our young women is a forethought, not an afterthought and we hope that is evident to you as you explore our site and learn more about our school.

If you envision a world where women are unencumbered to lead with confidence, take risks, and initiate change to enrich their communities and you know a young woman exploring high schools, Louisville is here to walk that journey with her.


Sr. Donna Hansen, S.S.L. ’67 and Dr. Jennifer Aguilar

President and Principal