Dear Friends of Louisville,

In some ways, the opening of school this August felt almost like the celebration of a new century - not an ordinary school year. I think it might have been so because of the joy and gratitude that burst from students and adults alike, reveling in being back together as an entire community. Even parents in the carpool lanes seemed happy!
We felt the subtle lift that comes with a new freshman class, a new principal, a new campus minister, and a surprising number of transfer students – all eager to be here and to start anew. We are conscious of trying to be a community that supports one another while respecting different points of view and paying attention to God’s spirit at work among us.

All of us – administration, faculty, staff, and students – are working hard to keep this inaugural momentum going. Our first priority is to keep everyone healthy and on campus so we can engage in the many riches that Louisville offers – faith, growth, service, sports, the arts, academics, innovation, and, of course, "sisterhood."
Thank you for being on the journey with us and sharing our joy. We hope to see many of you on campus in the near future, as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, keep healthy and content. Let us know if we can support you in any way and know you remain in our prayers daily. 

Donna Hansen, SSL ‘67

From the beginning, Louisville has maintained a tradition of excellence based on Gospel values. Guided by the mission of the Sisters of St. Louis, we strive ”to become agents of change, transforming unjust structures, promoting peace and reconciliation and the integrity of creation."  

Being conscious of the times in which we live, Louisville continues to educate the young women of today with the same excellence experienced by all those who have succeeded before them.  When we introduce a young woman to the future and suggest to her that her mind can conceive it, her hands can mold it, and her heart can enfold it, we make for a better world.

Louisville High School

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