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Enthusiasm, joy and possibility create the pulse of Louisville’s campus life. The overall academic experience is enriched and supported by a vibrant program of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. A wide variety of clubs, social events, field trips, assemblies and parent activities enlivens campus life and compliments academic programs.

What's Happening...

Trips & Excursions

Louisville students travel together with faculty to locations in the U.S. and abroad. Whether your interest is government, politics, law, acting, dance, music, or European cultures and languages, there is an experience waiting for you. Some recent trips include:
  • Close Up Washington D.C.
  • New York Performing Arts Tour 
  • San Francisco Performing Arts Tour 
  • Ireland
  • Italy and France
  • France, Spain and Italy

Activities with Crespi

High school life would not be complete without co-ed activities including football games, dances, cheerleading and stage productions. Below are some of the many organized activities that Louisville girls participate in with Crespi boys, as well as with boys from other local schools.
  • Mission League Cross Country, Track and Swim meets 
  • Crespi Cheerleading (Freshman, JV and Varsity) 
  • Welcome Dances in the Fall
  • Frosh Box Social 
  • MORP 
  • Crespi Fall Drama Production 
  • Homecoming Football Game 
  • Homecoming Dance 
  • Winter Formal 
  • Louisville Spring Musical 
  • Proms (Louisville and Crespi) 
  • UCLA Football game outings 
  • Disneyland Grad Night

Activities with Parents

We take time at Louisville to bring our moms, dads, guardians and grandparents to our campus often. Special memories are created together at all of these events.
  • Father/Daughter Breakfast 
  • Dads Club Halloween BBQ 
  • Grandparents Liturgy 
  • Father/Daughter Dance 
  • Mother/Daughter Picnic and Boutique 
  • Dads Club St. Patrick's Day BBQ 
  • Mother/Daughter Mass and Picnic 
  • Mother/Daughter Luncheon

Louisville Clubs

  • Book Club

    The purpose of the Book Club is to encourage and stimulate an interest in reading.
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    Club members meet monthly to discuss readings along with their faculty advisor. The club publishes their book reviews to a blog. Modern as well as classical works are chosen by club members for monthly discussion.
  • Cheerleaders

    Selection of Crespi Cheerleaders takes place in April of each year. 
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    Run by Crespi High School, students have the opportunity to participate in Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheer squads. The teams cheer for the Crespi Football and Basketball teams, as well as Crespi pep rallies and Louisville's Royal Roar and special events.
  • Code: Royals

    Louisville's coding club brings students together to explore, experiment and create with code. Students teach each other different skills using a variety of fun languages and tools.
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    Students in all grades enjoy coding. This club is motivating to students who want to persue coding as a college major or just a hobby.
  • Coffee House

    Three evenings each year students are encouraged to share their talents as a performance artist through voice, musical instrument or dramatic readings.
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    Coffee House is a casual gathering that takes place in a variety of intimate locations such as the Pavilion, Senior Lawn, or an off-campus site. And yes, coffee and other hot drinks are served.
  • Cooking Club

    Want to learn to cook, have fun, and meet other students with similar culinary interests? 
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    The Cooking Club meets monthly after school to prepare new and fun meals, appetizers and desserts.
  • Explorers Club/Roots and Shoots

    The purpose of this club is to promote enthusiasm for and a greater understanding of science, nature and the environment. 
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    The club plans and designs activities such as science field trips and outdoor excursions. Care of the earth is the primary emphasis.
  • Film Club

    Louisville students have the opportunity to study film and modern movies while also having the chance to create their own videos. 
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    The club also provides an interactive atmosphere for members to share short movies they find impressive or interesting. Joining the Film Club is a fantastic way for students who are interested in film and pop culture to get involved on Louisville's campus.
  • French Club

    The French Club seeks to discover and promote French influence in art, music, history, literature, cuisine and film. 
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    Examination of Francophone influence throughout the world helps foster sensitivity to many diverse cultures and lend itself to Christian service to areas in need that have French as a primary language.
  • Junior State of America

    The Junior State of America is a nationwide, non-profit, non-partisan political education organization for high school students. 
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    JSA is run completely by and for students and holds many events throughout the year to further the goals of student political awareness and involvement, to achieve greater understanding of the democratic process, promote involvement in the community and to encourage high standards of citizenship.
  • Math Club

    The purpose of this club is to stimulate interest in mathematics and to help students connect with and make friends with other students who enjoy mathematics. 
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    Members will enter and compete in a variety of mathematics competitions throughout the year both on and off campus. Membership is open to all grade levels. The minimum requirement for club credit includes payment of dues, attending three quarters of the annual meetings, participation in three-fourths of the competitions and participation in the club's annual service project.